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Last updated on 28 Nov 2018

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What a story! I believed it from the first page! I wanted to scream; You do not know him! Do not get in the car! Then the Detective is Awesome, Harry! Why is Maddie supposed to be such a hot cop? I do not like her! She cannot take one week of being humbled! The point that gets left behind is; she could have saved one of those women! She said nothing to Harry about the new dog bowl, in a dilapidated building? Like; Why was it there, maybe a dog needs help, why would a possible dog be in there!? She needs an attitude adjustment!  Because of her negligence, that woman died! Indeed well written, or I would not be so upset about that point! Full of action, police, crime, I loved the flow! 
I Highly Recommend! Thank you Netgalley! Thank you, Mr. Gallagher! This is my first book of yours; it will not be my last!

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