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New Suns

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penny s, Reviewer

This is a beautiful collection of stories! A few grabbed my attention more than others yet every story was enjoyable. The following six stories have stayed with me in the days since reading the Nisi Shawl's afterward. (Alpha by author)
1. The Galactic Tourist Industrial Complex by Tobias Buckell was a wonderful spin on a future NY Tourism.
2. The Freedom of the Shift Sea by Jaymee Goh of tells of monsters and love, transformation and consistency. It's not your expected mermaid story!
3. One Easy Trick by Hiromi Goto had me laughing in public and getting strangle looks. Even now I'm still giggling over the imagery in my head.
4. Dumb House by Andrea Hairston also had me giggling and thinking about the role of technology. I wish there was more to this story, it was the one that felt too short and not fully told.
5. Harvest by Rebecca Roanhorse was haunting and beautiful. As with other stories in the collection it made me pause and think.
6. Burn the Ships by Alberto Yáñez the dark magic against the colonizers made me stop and pause on the strength of sacrifice in light of oppression and resistance.

While not every story grabbed me, this is a wonderful collection! I have found several new-to-me authors who I hope to find more of!
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