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Last Night

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Last updated on 25 Jun 2019

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Last Night is a weak entry into the Searchers series.
Crisp has worked hard to keep his nose clean and earn his way into an Ivy League school but he still can't overcome the racial biases of the metro cops. This event leads to a domino effect of reconnecting with a past acquaintance and sinking him into gun violence. It's his difference that brings Lex onto the case and trying to find out what happened last night.
Using racial biases is a hot topic but this manages to handle the idea without any class and just uses it as a superficial way to get into the story. It's not needed or add any depth to the topic. In fact, the majority of this story is just weak. 
Following Crisp and his WASP chick friends uninteresting and superficial. Ellis treats such social issues as deportation and homelessness as a glib one off making fixing all problems with a magic wand. The novel is overly wordy with description and very little action. I almost didn't finish the book but decided to skim it instead.
Overall, Last NIght makes me not want to continue with the series and leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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