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This is book 1 in a new series by the author and it stars Dane, a simple small town guy who is a single dad and his ex love, Neely who is in town visiting her mother after she quits her job and while she finds a new job. In high school she was in love with Dane and he her until he makes a terrible mistake that costs him Neely.

But 10 years later he is a single dad and he still loves Neely even though he knows she can never forgive him  after what he did to her. Neely has avoided her home town because it was just too painful. But with nowhere else to go, she comes home to her old friends and her mom.

In this story she falls in love with 8 year old Mia, who later she discovers is Dane's daughter. This is a story about making mistakes and moving on and finding forgiveness. It was told beautifully and I highly enjoyed it even if I had a hard time with what Dane did some 10 years before.
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I am absolutely in love with Dogwood Lane! I want to move there and make it my home!
One of the things I love about Locke's writing is that no matter what it is about, she always has me falling in love with the setting and an amazing group of characters that stay with me long after the book ends. 
I am a sucker for a good second chance romance and Tumble has everything I love about them. And these characters... I think these may turn out to be my favorite group of characters yet! 
Dane had me swooning into a puddle and Neely had me wanting to take her out for drinks. And Mia had my heart melting from the first meeting. And the secondary character had me all kinds of excited to see what comes next in this new series. 
I am hooked on Dogwood Lane and can't wait to get my next fix!
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Tumble was a great read! I didn't want to put it down once I got started. I enjoyed the characters; there was a little more depth to them than what I've been seeing. I've read everything by this author, and enjoy following her. I LOVED getting a sneak peak at her newest book. I was spoiled a little by Written in the Scars, and expected that depth from the author, and I haven't seen it since. I will continue reading and hoping for the unforgettable characters I know she can write.
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This my first book by Adriana Locke and it will not be my last.  I loved this romance . This books reads like Hallmark movie.  Neely and Dane were high school sweethearts did not end well.  Neely has come back home after leaving her job in NYC.  Neely is smart and kind.  She trying to get her life back together. Dane is trying the best that he can to be a single dad.  Dane is great dad and her very protective of his daughter Mia. Dane hurt Neely in the past.  He is trying to win her back.  Neely always felt safe with Dane. She still smells his scent in NYC and she loves hearing his stories over and over. I love Mia and relationship between Mia and Neely.  This a perfect  a romance.  I am very eager to read more in this series.
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She has done it once again! This is such a sweet start to a new series. Adriana keeps getting better and better. Her characters are so well written that it’s hard not to fall in love with them and this was no exception! I can’t wait for more of this series.
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Dane and Neely are swoony!  This second chance romance has so many feels.  Each think they should stay away from the other to stave off future heartbreak, but they are drawn back together over and over.  With a bit of help from the whole community, who know that Dane and Neely belong together, they manage to let themselves experience the love that never really went away.  Another great romance from Adriana Locke!
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"There's a wall between us we can't skirt. It's built with just as many tears and just as much betrayal as it is any good times we shared."

It has been almost two years since I read my last book by Adriana Locke, and I am really happy that I decided to read Tumble. The blurb was exciting enough for me to give it a try, and I have to be honest and say that the single dad part really was the deciding factor in this case. Also I am a sucker for second-chance romances, so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to read this book. Tumble was a no-drama fun and light contemporary romance. I was expecting some cliché things to happen, but I was really happy when the author didn't take the usual route. I loved that the couple didn't get back together right away, and it took some time for them to get over their old hurts. This made the romance feel much more organic and made it easier for me to connect to them. 

Both Neely and Dane are great characters, and I especially loved both their interaction with Dane's daughter Mia. Neely is a very strong and independent woman, and I really liked her personality. I loved all the characters and I am really hoping for everyone to get their own HEA. They were fun and great friends to the main characters, and I am looking forward to many more books in this series. I do have to mention that the epilogue in my opinion was just a regular chapter, and it kind of left me wanting a real epilogue. Overall Tumble is a book I recommend to any romance reader, and especially readers who like me love single parent/second-chance romances.
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Looooooved this book so much!! Second chance romance novels usually aren't my favorite, especially where cheating is concerned, and I did have a hard time coming to grips with it, but otherwise this book was fantastic. Absolutely adored Mia. I'm a sucker for a good single parent romances so this hit the spot. Loved Neely and Dane together and their chemistry was effortless. There were a couple times where the story lulled and I had to really concentrate on not getting distracted by the outside world. Nonetheless this book was great and hope to get more from Dogwood Lane!
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After walking away from her dream job for very good reasons, Neely finds herself going home to regroup.  What she does not expect or want is a run in with her old flame, Dane, who ended their relationship with an unplanned pregnancy with someone else. Can you find happiness in a place that held so much sorrow?  Once again Adriana Locke takes her readers on an emotional journey with beautifully written characters that you cannot help but fall in love with.  The depth of her characters and the baggage that they keep with them are so well written it feels like you walk in their shoes.  5 Stars are not enough!!
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Neely and Dane were meant to be together, but Dane makes a mistake and breaks Neely's heart in the process. Neely not wanting to see him ever again moves to New York to pursue her dreams and doesn't return to Dogwood Lane for 10 years. 
Dane knows he made a mistake but he can't regret it completely since it brought Mia, his daughter, into his life. They still have amazing chemistry between them, and if only Neely is willing to forgive the past and look towards a future between them, they could be happy again. 
I loved this book. It is a great second chance novel. 

ARC generously provided via Netgalley, in exchange for the above honest review.
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The story of Neely and Dane. She is back in town after losing her job in New York. Dane broke her heart years ago, but the attraction is still there when she meets him again.  A second chance romance.
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This book was exactly what I needed for my rainy day Sunday read....It ticked all the blocks and I devoured it from start to finish....

* Second Chance Romance 
* Single Dad
* Hot Alpha Male
* Kick-Ass Heroine
* Fantastic Secondary Characters

This book lacked nothing in my opinion and I highly recommend it. 

Neely has recently lost her job in New York City and has decided to go home to Dogwood Lane to spend some time with her mother and get some perspective on her life.

Dane is a single dad, who has never gotten over the fact that he hurt his first love over 10 years ago. He thought he was doing what was best for her at the time and the repercussions of that decision hurt both him and Neely dearly.

A decade later when she strolls back into Dane and his daughter's life, even though he knows she is only home for the short term, he still can't help himself from pursuing her.

Along with a fantastic host of secondary characters, this second chance romance was absolute perfection and once again Adriana Locke has hit a home run.......:)
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Dane tries to do right by his girl, “should I walk you to the door? I feel like that’s the gentlemanly thing to do.” Dane looks at me from across the truck with a ****-eating grin. “It’s less of a walk of shame if I do that, right?” I liked this book, I loved Dane and I cant wait to see other characters get stories of their own.
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A small town, single dad, second chance Romance all together in the sweet wonderful book!! Adriana Locke is one of my favorite authors and she does not disappoint in Tumble!!

Dane and Neely haven’t seen each other in in almost a decade when he broke her heart. Neely comes back to Dogwood Lane, TN after quitting her job and is trying to figure life out. She runs into Dane her first day back and their journey begins for a second time!

This small town romance has wonderful characters filled with history, Dane’s daughter, Mia, who is just so lovable, and a love everyone dreams of! As Neely tries to find out what she really wants out of life and Dane opens up to how he feels about her- you just fall in love with them and this book! The small little details that Adriana Locke includes in this book keep me wanting more.
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After having read The Gibson Boys series, I got hooked on Adriana Locke's writing. When I saw this on Netgalley, I had to apply for an ARC copy of her newest series. Luckily I was approved and I read this in one day. Even while watching a potty training toddler I couldn't put this down. This was downright adorable. Country romances are starting to be a real kink of mine. And I don't read enough books about single dads. Needless to say when this book is released, I'll be reading it again.
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Great book! This is Dane and Neely book, Neely is a sports journalist trying to make it in a man's world! Dane is a single dad in construction. Neely comes up with a fantastic new concept in her journalistic field when someone else takes credit for her idea she quits and heads back to her home town called dogwood  lane. Dane and Neely were childhood sweethearts,  when Neely shows up back in town Dane tries to stay away but it's hard when his little girl thinks Neely the bomb and he has so much feeling toward Neely too! This book had everything! It was funny, heartwarming, low drama, and of course 🔥🔥🔥!! Definitely don't miss out on this one! Thank you Netgalley and the publishers for sharing this book with me!
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