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Descendant of the Crane

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Descendant of the Crane is one of my favourite books of 2018.! It was so riveting that even when I had to put it down I couldn't stop thinking about it, and was eager to dive back in.  

It featured everything I love about fantasy - complex characters, rich world-building, and surprising plot twists. He painted a vivid picture of the world, so much so that I felt fully immersed in the story. It was so easy to root for Hesina the main character, in fact all the characters were interesting and layered. The writing style was also beautiful and it flowed really well. 

Overall, a very addictive read!
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Joan's debut is fast-paced and beautifully written with cinematic prose that drew me in from the beginning. Being a Chinese-American reader, I was extremely happy to feel myself represented among the pages.The twist at the end also strongly asks for a reread of the entire book, as the way it comes together in a murder mystery style narrative compelled me to go back to the beginning and look for the hints and clues that were dropped along the way before the revelation. The characters were consistent all the way through, never acting in a way that felt like contrived. 

I believe that is a lot of merit in classroom discussion for this novel, especially in comparison to other big YA fantasy titles, such as Children of Blood and Bone, where we see similar tropes of a tragic hero and found/biological families. Hesina's siblings brought upon a dynamic that I loved, which made the third act even more heart-wrenching. This book could also be taught along Six of Crows for its expansive world and cast of characters.
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