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This beautifully written story showing how love blossoms in unexpected places was perfect. The friendship that grew through Beau's interactions with Bettina is genuine and heartfelt. It shows that even though people may come from different types of backgrounds,that love ignores all boundaries.
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I could not finish this book. Bett was annoying, Papa’s Cajun accent was hard for me to read, and Beau was so stupid. Like, why did he have to be so simple? But, I liked the family dynamics.
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4 stars
Overall I really enjoyed this book. It was an easy read, I devoured it in one sitting. I loved the fact Bett is the "beast" and the roles are reversed. It gave a freshness to the story. 
Beau goes to work at Beth's families ranch in order to repay a debt. Beau is this loveable, caring character that gets to know the real Bett. He sticks up for her and defends her when he doesn't really know why. Bett is misunderstood and has a good heart. I loved the development between these characters. Very enjoyable read!
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I was so happy to read this and for it to not be a copy and paste retelling of beauty and the beast. I also loved the reverse roles that the author gave the characters - I thought it added the much needed "freshness" to a retelling of a classic story. But - I did think there was a lack of character development.

It was a fairly easy read and a fun read during a snow day!
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This book is a Beauty and Beast retelling. I usually love fairytale retelling and this one was no exception! It was an easy read and lovely to get through.

This time the roles were reversed and Bettina, the female love interest was the 'beast'.

We see the story from Beau's POV. Beau is such an amazing character. He's loyal and caring. He loves his family and decides to give up his weekend so he can help them. He also looks past what others say to see Bettina's true self.

He doesn't judge her and along the way, he gets to know her. Even when he barely knows her, he refuses to believe that she is a beast and sticks up for her.

Bettina is a great character too! She is misunderstood but she doesn't really care what others think about her. She has gone through a lot and people have made her out to be something she is not but she still perseveres.  She is a little manipulative but I think she can be forgiven because we all do somethings that are wrong to get what we want.

Through the story as Beau works at Bett's family's ranch, they talk and become friends. Their feeling develops gradually and blossoms into something so sweet and adorable. Overall, I really loved the book!
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l:dr: The book was okay, but I didn't connect with the characters so it was ultimately forgettable.

Okay so I have some seriously mixed feelings about this book and its taken me a while to figure out exactly how I feel about it. It wasn't a bad book, but overall I found it to be quite forgettable? I was initially interested because it was said to be a modern day Beauty and the Beast retelling, which I could see, but I think it was largely because I went into it looking for those aspects.

One thing I did really enjoy was that it was a YA Contemporary  story told from the perspective of a male protagonist. I know there are a few of them out there, but I haven't read too many. While i did like this aspect, it may have been part of what hindered my enjoy met of the story, because I have very much loved other Contemporary books with male protagonists (The Serpent King)

Like I said before, I don't think this is a bad book, I just don't think that it is going to stick with me which is really my biggest criticism of the book. As I was reading a lot of the characters fell kind of flat and didn't feel fully fleshed out. I wanted to know more about Beau's family, and specifically I wanted Berla to show me things instead of telling me things. When books stick with me its often because I adore the characters, and I just didn't feel connected with them.

I'm still working on how to best summaries my thoughts into a proper review, so that will come the more I yeah thats a review.

Who I might recommend this book to: People who enjoy quick contemporary romance books or those who like Beauty and the Beast retellings.
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Who doesn't like a good fairytale retelling? If you are looking for a lighthearted read, Beau & Bette may be for you. I finished it in a day, and it's perfect for your upcoming beach read it and long car rides. It's a lighthearted story about appearances, dedication, familial love, and teenage infatuation. It features a lighthearted tone, very clever turns on traditional tropes and story skeleton, and a voice and humor which is entirely enticing. Beau, the avocado farm, and his family are the highlights of this novel. 

Though not deterring from the positive factors of the book, the relationship between Beau and Bette is shallow. This may be due to the book’s focus on the side characters. The scenes are dialogue heavy, and this causes issues with the pacing. The book both drags and rushes at times.  I would summarize Beau and Belle as a book that is plot and time driven where its peaks and valleys should be driven by the characters’ evolving relationship. 

Therefore, I give Beau and Bette 2 stars. A charming concept with room for improvement.

Thank you NetGalley and Amberjack Publishing for allowing me to read this book.
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When I started reading this book, I was very intrigued as I love a good retelling book, however I just could not get into it at all! 

The writing style was great, and I could see the book leading into an interesting direction but I just could not connect with the characters and to me, that’s a very important part of the book. 

That is not to say that other people will not like it, I definitely implore you all giving it a try but unfortunately this book wasn’t for me. 

Thank you, NetGalley for providing me with the ARC of the book.
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I really enjoyed this retelling of a classic disney movie I liked that the roles where switched the guy was “beauty” and the girl was “beast” I would totally recommend this for anyone that likes retellings of classics
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A modern day retelling of beauty and the beast
This time the boy is "beauty" and the girl is the "beast". Its an easy read. I enjoyed it. I didnt really didnt get why she was considered the beast I think she was just really lonely and everyone was mean to her. Shes kind of sheltered but other than that shes ok.
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This was a unique take on the tale of Beauty and the Beast set around a couple of high schoolers. 
One rich, the other not so much.
I enjoyed this particular take mainly because of the role reversal here. We saw Beau as “Beauty” and then we have Bett who even at her own school is named “the Beast.”
I enjoyed watching these two, who are so very different, come together, even in the friendly sense. It was nice to see Bett coming out of her shell, admitting things to Beau she wouldn’t admit to anyone else. Getting insight into her family, while at the same time, enjoying the dynamic that Beau’s own family brought to the table.
Apart from the couple themselves, it was also interesting to watch Beau as well, change his way of being and eventually coming to enjoy the company of other friends who at first, he almost seems put off by. The role of friendship throughout this story, even more than the romance, was fantastic. 
Overall, even though this author is new to me, I’m incredibly glad for the chance to be able to read this story. I look forward to reading more from this author in the future.
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I have to start off by saying that Beau & Bett wasn't necessarily a bad novel, but it was an ambitious attempt at something big. I absolutely love retellings. The modern setting and the idea of gender swabbing the roles of Belle and the Beast were fantastic to me. So of course, I wanted to give Beau & Bett a chance. However, once I started getting into the story, I was a bit let down. 

The novel is marketed as "a modern retelling of beauty and the beast". The references sure were there, but just barely. The love interest is called the Beast and Beau/Belle is to work for the Beast due to family reasons, and that's about it. I couldn't quite see how Beau was the Belle (no love for reading, Beau had a big family in the novel, Beau wasn't kind AT ALL in fact he was cruel at times) and I couldn't see how Bett was the Beast except for her loneliness. In fact, the "big revelation" why Bett was called the Beast didn't make sense to me. The reason felt a bit forced to me, as if the author had wanted to put this shocking revelation in the novel just the sake of it being there. There was no deeper discussion actually about this revelation and its repercussions, it just was there for the entertainment's sake. And I didn't like that.  

I think the main problem for me with Beau & Bett was that it was very short, and maybe that's also the reason why it felt very juvenile to me. More middle-grade than young adult. There were a lot of interesting elements and concepts the author introduced, but they weren't polished and fully thought out. I wish there had been more development of the dialogue (it was a bit cringy at times) and the big revelation why Bett is called the Beast. Instead, the author had used a fair amount of time and effort into developing a lot of sideline plots which felt disconnected and just plain weird at times. A good example of this is 

1) Bett's difficult relationship with her mother, which is talked about only for a page or two, so why introduced it in the first place? What does the introduction of this relationship bring to the novel? In this case, nothing. I just felt like the author tried to pump up the drama by introducing these half-thought revelations, which did not add anything to the story or characters themselves. In fact, it took away instead. The novel is a cute and light read, so why not keep it as such? Why force some dark elements there when they simply don't work in this case?

2) Beau's relationship with Masie (who I thought was Gaston, but I'm not so sure anymore) was really weird to me, and I didn't really see the point of it at all. First Beau was very interested in Masie because she is hot, which is completely fine with me, I have been interested in dudes simply because they are hot, but once Masie expressed she was more into him as a friend, Beau just ghosted her and decided he liked Bett better after all. This probably wasn't the author's intention, but it sure did come across that way. And once again, what did this relationship bring to the story itself? I can't say.

All that being said, I did finish the novel. It took me about 3 hours to read from cover to cover and it was time ok spent. It was a cutesy novel, not that much to offer or say, but I could well picture a lot of people wanting to read this on a summer day at the beach. 

2/5 stars
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This is a modern day retelling of beauty and the beast. It’s not mimicking the storyline or anything at all, really.  But it was an enjoyable, short read. If you’re at all interested then grab it.
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I don't why I am so surprised, but I absolutely loved this! I found it on Netgalley and didn't realise it was a 'read now' book, so I suppose that's what made me a little hesitant, but I'm so glad I requested it.
Beau and Bett was honestly one of the cutest contemporary novels! While it's not hugely based on Beauty in the Beast, that wasn't the selling point for me anyway - I was totally drawn in by the cover because it is STUNNING. 
I don't think I hated a single character throughout the whole story, and the relationship between Beau and Bett was so freaking cute. Not in a romantic kind of way, but in that nice-summer's day way. You know that feeling of bliss you get when you're comfortable in the sun with an ice-cream or something and there's that smell of nature and freshly-mowed lawn? No? That's not a thing? Well, now it is.
I have so much and yet so little to say about this book - it's a struggle to articulate what I'm feeling, but I can say that I loved it. 
The minute this is released on shelves is the minute you need to have it on your shelf! (Understatement of the century)
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Abandoned at about 20 pages in... It would probably work for a younger audience, but to me it just feels very juvenile... I did, however, like that the whole stealing a rose in the original fairytale was kept in this one, although it was an avocado instead
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Though this book is described as a modern day retelling of beauty and the beast, it didn’t feel like one; the connections with the original story are loose at best. However, I enjoyed reading it, for the most part. The concept was sweet, if a little weird. 

It does feel like someone’s first novel, though, like they haven’t really worked out the kinks in their own writing yet. The dialogue is clunky and inorganic in a lot of cases, and the justification given for Bettina’s title of ‘The Beast’ felt weird to me. I’m not sure how I felt about the inclusion of the #metoo movement in such a way. 

I didn’t like Beau much, either; he had this weird focus for much of the story on Masie as a romantic possibility and when he realised that wasn’t going to happen lied to her to avoid giving her an in to hang out; he only ended up hanging out with her again because of his mother. He then tells Bett that “I can’t take lying” after finding out about a lie she told him and that anything else he could have accepted, as if he didn’t lie to someone’s face for his own purpose a few days earlier. That hypocrisy really rubbed me the wrong way. 

I don’t think this is a bad novel by any means, I just think it could do with some tweaking here and there, especially when it comes to the flow of conversations.
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This is a cute contemporary Beauty and the Beast retelling.
I thought it was an okay read. I found Beth extremely obnoxious and Beau a bit too shallow and a bit slow. Yes it's a romance and yes I know exactly where the story goes, no surprises here, but he didn't have to be that dumb to get that Beth is interested.
The family scenes I enjoyed, but I'm not sold on the Cajun accent of Beau's father in the book. It felt stiff and I'd have to preferred the book without it.

I can recommend this book if you enjoy short contemporary romances, Beauty and the Beast retellings without many surprises, major plot twists and a slower pace.
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I enjoyed reading this book it was a new take on beauty and the beast in a way I wasn't expecting.

The locations for the story made me dream of amazing places and the characters felt real. 
I laughed and got angry with them, also shed a little tear towards the end. 

I felt like this story could have been a little longer and although it took place over a month it just seemed rushed, though it worked.
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I really liked the concept of this book. However I couldn't really get into it. I enjoyed the characters perspective but something about the way it was written, I just didnt click with.
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Oh boy! So first things first, Beau and Bett is a modern-day retelling of the beauty and the beast; however, if you didn't know that, you wouldn't put those two together. That's not to say it wasn't an enjoyable story and didn't mirror beauty and the beast in certain ways, because it sure did! Beau and Bett is a story about hardworking, family oriented Beau who does everything he can to make his family's life easier when an accident with his mom and a certain girl, Bett, leaves him in charge of clearing the charges. Beau works at Bett's father's farm to pay off his family's debt and who he thought was rude and full of herself turns out to be rather charming and sweet, even a little closed off and shy. 

Beau and Bett's romance is slow, not clearly evident at all points because their friendship is very developed. My favourite part was that most of the book was the chase, the will-they-wont-they. Bett finds a true friend in Beau, not just a technical one and Beau looks forward to his weekends of manual labour because he gets to spend time with Bett. They're never nauseating, never too cheesy because they're actually quite bashful of each other. Then there are the side characters who are all just amazing. Papa with his cajun french and mom with her endless spunk! Not to mention the rambunctious twins and amazingly innocent, misguided and a little lonely, Khalil. Oh and Ray, what a dream. 

So needless to say, I really did adore this book! This book was provided to me as an ARC by Netgalley and Amberjack Publishing in exchange for an honest review. 

Overall rating: 4.0
Would I recommend? Yes! It's a fun read. Bett's a fun character, so is Beau. Everyone's a little flawed. Everyone's dealing with either money or family or just plain and simple teenager issues. I think it does a wonderful job capturing the uncertainty of simply being a teenager.
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