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Oh boy! So first things first, Beau and Bett is a modern-day retelling of the beauty and the beast; however, if you didn't know that, you wouldn't put those two together. That's not to say it wasn't an enjoyable story and didn't mirror beauty and the beast in certain ways, because it sure did! Beau and Bett is a story about hardworking, family oriented Beau who does everything he can to make his family's life easier when an accident with his mom and a certain girl, Bett, leaves him in charge of clearing the charges. Beau works at Bett's father's farm to pay off his family's debt and who he thought was rude and full of herself turns out to be rather charming and sweet, even a little closed off and shy. 

Beau and Bett's romance is slow, not clearly evident at all points because their friendship is very developed. My favourite part was that most of the book was the chase, the will-they-wont-they. Bett finds a true friend in Beau, not just a technical one and Beau looks forward to his weekends of manual labour because he gets to spend time with Bett. They're never nauseating, never too cheesy because they're actually quite bashful of each other. Then there are the side characters who are all just amazing. Papa with his cajun french and mom with her endless spunk! Not to mention the rambunctious twins and amazingly innocent, misguided and a little lonely, Khalil. Oh and Ray, what a dream. 

So needless to say, I really did adore this book! This book was provided to me as an ARC by Netgalley and Amberjack Publishing in exchange for an honest review. 

Overall rating: 4.0
Would I recommend? Yes! It's a fun read. Bett's a fun character, so is Beau. Everyone's a little flawed. Everyone's dealing with either money or family or just plain and simple teenager issues. I think it does a wonderful job capturing the uncertainty of simply being a teenager.
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While I personally don't agree with the 'beauty and the beast retelling' description as the only parts relating to Beauty and the Beast is Bett being called 'The beast' at school and Beau having to work on her ranch, this book is a phenomenal teen love story. The characters are interesting and realistic and their story is sweet with a twinge of sadness. There a nice balance to the tone of the story and I honestly think it is well worth a read.
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I'm always a sucker for retellings, especially for classics. While I was initially excited, the writing of the story wasn't as gripping as I'd hoped. The writing took a bit to get into but once you did, it was a fast read. Rather than it being a retelling of Beauty and the Beast (this is misleading to be honest), it was more of a story about first love and first impressions. The dialogue makes you want to do a double-take and cringe at times but as you read along, you stick it out to see what exactly makes Beau the way he is and how it bridges the relationships between him and Bett.
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Beau and Bett is suppose to be a modern retelling of Beauty and the beast with the Beau being the beauty and Bette as the beast. 

While this was a cute quick read, I didn't get a feeling this was a modern retelling. I didnt think there was enough character development. I would be of prefer the big to be dual character narration to get more of the back story of Bette and the reason why everyone considered her the beast. 

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Classic ~ Charming ~ Sedate
tl:dr: Beauty and the beast is in the eye of the beholder

This YA/ NA romance novel updates beaty and the beast into contemporary teen life. The beauty is a smart housekeeper's son and the beast a rich, snotty girl. The two spend time together outside the confines of high school only to first deal with some personal baggage and then fall in love. I love a remixed classic, and the characters, particularly the male protagonist, Beau, are appealing. While there isn't new ground being covered, the sweet story is enjoyable and the love story is gently told. 


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I love the overall theme of this story that there's always something that makes us act like we do and it doesn't necessarily mean we're evil, sometimes if not most times, we're just hurting.
This is a short read and if you get past the dialogues that at some point made me want to take a pause and take a stroll or snack- then you'll love how curious Beau is and what's so relentless about Bett.
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This was an adorable contemporary, but it felt nothing like Beauty and the Beast to me. I wish I hadn't gone in expecting that, because I felt a little let down by that aspect. I thought the actual story was pretty cute, and I enjoyed reading it and would read more by this author, I just thought Bett as a "beast" was a very weird plot point, and Beau didn't feel like a gender swapped Belle, really, either. If she hadn't been called beast, the plot line about how she was treated and  the #metoo situation might have worked better for me too. 
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“There’s a little bit of beast in every person. And in every beast, there’s a human heart with a story of how it got to that place...”

The last few lines of the last paragraph in this book LEGIT took my rating of this book up from a 3 to a 4. It hit my heart hard and was something I could relate to. I seriously LOVE the last paragraph ❤️

When I first started reading this, I thought it was a bit dry and all over the place. I didn’t give up on this book and I’m glad because it ended quite perfectly in my opinion. The characters were well written and I like the role reversal, with Bett being “the Beast” and Beau being “the Beauty.”

It was a fairly quick read and I was able to read it in less than 24hrs. If you’re looking for a light-hearted, enjoyable teen romance with a twist on Beauty and the Beast, then I’d recommend this book.
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