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The Tylers are back!!
The third in the series about this family and their friends...and enemies
The book can be read as a stand alone or part of the series and works well both ways but if you read book 1 and 2 you will be keen to follow the latest turmoil and adventure of the familiar faces of Freddie, Anna and Tanya amongst the other ‘regular cast’ with new stars including Frank Gambino, a Mafia boss who rolls in from New York and gets more than he bargained for
Emma Tallon has the genre down to a tee and all the elements are again there...families, feuds, nightclubs, crossing and double crossing, goodies, baddies and goodbadgoodies 😃
I really love this type of book and find myself 100% involved and part of it,all the scenes are set for you and you ‘dive in’ and get taken along at breakneck speed
This book deals with a harrowing kidnap, more than that will leave you to find out other than to say its a great story and kept me on edge waiting to see how it would end and who the kidnapper was
Perfect for lovers of gangland family stories, exciting, real and hard hitting
10/10 5 stars
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Thanks a million Netgalley and Bookouture for allowing me to read this arc. 
Absolutely brilliant, the best book I've read in a long time! But then Emma Tallon is my absolute favourite author! Her books are not just extremely gripping they're spell binding!! I stayed up at night just because I couldn't put it down! 
It deserves a lot more than five stars!!
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Anna and Tanya co-own club Anya and after much work open a comedy club - The Last Laugh. Anna is anxious already for a new venture. So is her 4 year live-in boyfriend, Freddie. Freddie heads a gang in London assisted by his brother, Paul. Craig, a friend of Freddie's late dad, has a son who could be a great boxer (Seamus) on Freddie's "team". 

Frank Gambino is coming to London from New York. He heads one of the 5 Mafia families in NY City. Freddie wants to step up into the gambling world, too. He invites Gambino to dinner. Gambino insists that he hosts. OK. Maybe this WILL work out for Freddie! 

Tom, Tanya's boyfriend, has his sights on money and perhaps power. He is not your "gangster type" yet he knows and likes the Tyler brothers. He tells Freddie he wants in. Freddie tells him that when something comes up he will let him know. (Freddie is worried that Tom has no idea what he is asking for - but would like to reap profits just through "regular" hard work). 

After awhile, Freddie has not heard from Gambino since the dinner. He guesses that any type of deal they would make is off. Freddie's home is broken into, his passport stolen, and one bank account drained. Is this random bad luck? And what was Anna hiding from him?

Another GREAT story about the Tylers and their compadres. A cannot miss - particularly if you like suspense, drama, thrillers and just plain good reading!

Many thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley for a wonderful read!
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