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The Angriest Angel

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he Angriest Angel

The Angriest Angel by Christopher Halt
The Angriest Angel (The Angriest Angel #1)
by Christopher Halt (Goodreads Author)
M 50x66
Lou Jacobs's review Apr 30, 2019 · edit
it was amazing

A wonderful entry salvo into a trilogy. Although the premise is science fiction .. the theme is much deeper and complex .... involving relationships and overcoming disabilities. The Caelens have lived amongst us undetected for over 50 years ... they look human and their philosophy on life involves trust, integrity and peace. The Caelan's are not monstrous space invaders .. they art both technologically and morally advanced. They possess a unique skill of "psying" , which enables them to tap into the electrical fields of the brain and renders the recipient highly suggestible . This skill has been used for both protection and persuasion to allow the Caelan's to hide "in plain sight"
Enter our anti-hero rogue, Chase Madison .... he is flawed and yet unique and resourceful ... a product of a dysfunctional childhood with his father abandoning the family at an early age, and then left with an abusive mother. The mother has no idea that Chase has ADHD and cannot cope or guide him. The author, Christopher Halt also carries the diagnosis of ADHD and channels this disability into the main protagonist, Chase Madison. This leads to an extremely well fleshed out character... with particularly important insights into his shortcomings as well as his unexpected skills.
Although Chase has a history of violence and mischief due to focus difficulties.... he also has an uncanny ability for problem solving .... apparently not caught up in the details, but appreciates the whole picture. Chase finds himself in jail ... arrested for attempting to sell his ADHD medicine , which he was doing to pay back his ex-wife. He finds himself in a cell next to Pete McCloth ... who tells him a fantastic yarn about a UFO hovering over a car involved in a fatal accident .. containing Angels from the Spaceship who came down and saved the other driver's life. He was able to video and take pictures which he quickly uploaded to the internet. A "so-called" lawyer arrives to meet with Pete who he engages in a somewhat sarcastic discussion. This lawyer is actually a Caelen, who in attempting to provide damage control, realizes that Chase is immune to psying.
At the same time the Caelen's are dealing with another pressing problem in their community ... an outbreak of negative emotions, leading to the previously unknown problems of jealousy and anger.
In the course of further damage control, a beautiful Caelen, Avery, is assigned to follow and contain Chase. This leads to further development of the character of Chase and his developing relationships, and an exploration into ADHD.
Thanks to NetGalley for supplying an Uncorrected Proof of this unpredictable page-turner in exchange for an honest review. This compelling narrative demands the reader to seek out further implications of the juxtapostion of Chase with the Caelen race.
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