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The Angriest Angel

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Lauren K, Reviewer

If rating novels was a question of MC reliability, this one would be instantly and easily ranked. Chase Madison - our MC - has ADHD (yay for diversity), and purportedly so does our author, which makes sense. Christoper Halt proverbially nailed the writing of this character, constructing him beautifully from angst and realism to create a multi-dimensional and complex personality. Chase is hilarious. Comprised of a sarcasm which is gently prodded by a slightly suppressed wit, he effectively masters his own coping mechanisms in order to navigate the complexities of life. In that way, Halt has contrasted the negative and positive aspects of life marvellously. | Spoilers |I guess you'd predominantly categorise this one as Sci-Fi, maybe an abstract fantasy? But, it's not singularly dimensional. It's intricate, and multi-faceted. Delicately weaving its way through technology, to lead you to an all encompassing finale moment, which has you begging for more.
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