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Surprisingly romance. I expected a pretty standard romance novel, but this was something more. The protagonist, Charlotte, is a young widow trying to make a go of life. She does find a boyfriend. But, much of the book is about her learning to live a different existence than she imagined. I couldn't imagine how different my life would be as a widow, but this book does a good job of showing one way someone can survive that. The book isn't heavy or dark, mind you. The main character has a sort of snarky attitude that I enjoyed. Overall, this is a book that can be enjoyed by romance readers and readers of books with strong female characters.
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No one knows Charlotte is a widow but when an unexpected package arrives it sends her carefully constructed life spinning out of control. Pieces and people from her past are invading every part of her life. Will she finally be able to move on with her life or will she spiral out of control and destroy everything? A story of love and survival and making choices necessary to live life.
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I read this story very quickly. I wish there’d been a little more romance, but I still enjoyed the plot. 

I don’t think the cover represents the book.
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