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The Grace Year

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Erin K, Reviewer

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This was like a twisted blend of "Handmaid's Tale" and "Yellowjackets" - I love a good dystopian novel with a strong, female protagonist and "The Grace Year" did not disappoint.

I won't go into the premise of the plot because I think I liked it better not knowing what to expect. Liggett did a fantastic job creating an entirely new culture and customs for this story.  Even the language felt inventive and purposeful - adding an entirely dark new meaning to certain words and phrases. There were several twists in the storytelling that I appreciated (so that it didn't land in too-familiar territory) and I liked that there was so much more going on with each character than what meets the eye.

Have to say: I absolutely cannot wait to see what Liggett writes next. It'll be interesting to see what genre she tackles next. This was supposedly YA but it didn't read too juvenile to me at all. So, I think she can take on anything and it would result in another stellar book like this one. Heart-wrenching, fast-paced, and creepy as hell!

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