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The Two Lila Bennetts

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A very interesting novel to read. We follow Lila, a criminal defense lawyer who's destiny splits in two after she makes a decision late at night.

One part of the book is where she is captured, the other part is where she is free. Both story lines continue on in alternating chapters.

I quite enjoyed reading this book, though I did figure out the big twist half way into it. I felt that the reveal was a bit clumsy and not that believable at all.

All in all, the book was fun to read and I would recommend this!
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This is a sharp, clever tale of regret and retribution. As a HUGE fan of the 1998 film, Sliding Doors (starring a pre-Gooped out Gwyneth Paltrow and the delicious John Hannah), I was excited to read that the author was also a fan of the film which partly inspired this tale. I'm very drawn to the theme of exploring the road not taken, the notion of what might of been had one chosen a different path. After all, isn't life just a series of choices and non choices, the things we can control and the things we ultimately cannot. Lila's fate is partly driven by the choices she has made and as the reader, you will be glued to both her journeys until their shocking end.

Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.
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This is the story about a ruthless lawyer that comes to a fork in the road. One way leads to one story and the other fork leads to another story that eventually intersects. It’s an interesting way to tell a story and it works well. I loved this book by these authors, and so glad that Netgalley gave me a chance to read it!
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I’ve never read anything quite like this, and I loved the juxtaposition between Lila’s experiences, and how it all came full circle in the end. This would be a terrific pick for book clubs!
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Liz and Lisa have done it again in The Two Lila Bennetts . 

Lila is at the top of her career as a criminal defense attorney. 

Told in two points of view, of taken/free, Lila must confront choices she has made throughout the years. 
Just as their other novel, you will not be able to put this down. The writing is on point and the ending will shock you.
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Ladies you have done it again with a protagonist and heroine in LILA!
She may have come down a rocky path but she sure as hell knows who she is and where she's going in the end and that's all that matters!
Look folks, Lila is not perfect, she's deeply flawed with raw emotion worn upon her shoulders. She's looking for love in all the wrong places. She's searching her soul for answers. She's looking to others to fulfill a deep void from within.
The problem is only she can fill the void, not Ethan her husband, not Sam her boss, not her father who she has a unique relationship with nobody but herself can give her what she needs.
What I deeply enjoyed here is the idea of the captor and captive woman and the ability to free herself.
As a survivor it reminds me of the 'spread your wings and fly' motto and I loved every second.
Thank you to LIZ and LISA, the publisher Lake Union Authors, NetGalley, for this amazing ARC in exchange for this honest review.
I requested, applied, and read this one all in one day and that speaks volumes as to the talent with these two lovely women. People run not walk to get a copy of their work and indulge in it every time.
Great work!
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I have read a lot of theories about String Theory and the Multiverse, how every decision we make could potentially end up being life changing. And that those different choices have actually created different worlds or universes where we live completely different lives, perhaps because of a split second decision. For Lila Bennett, a decent woman who has made some regrettable choices, this becomes a reality as she lives two different lives based on just such a decision. Lila is a criminal defense attorney and in one life she’s been taken captive and kept in a concrete cell, in the other she gets away, but is stalked by someone determined to bring her down, both professionally and personally. Is there some way Lila can uncover the person bent on destroying her? This book is so twisted and so good that I found myself unable to put it down once I started. Something tells me this will be THE summer blockbuster
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