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Sisters of Summer's End

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For so long Joy Lee's sole focus has been on providing her young son with the life he deserves and  her work at the recreation center. Both of which becoming so time consuming that she hasn't given much thought to making friends, or opening her heart to love. But then she meets Maris Kennedy, a camp store owner, and the two quickly form a sister-like bond, one that makes Joy feel like she finally has someone in her corner. They confide in one another, and learn that they both have issues in trusting men, and being brave enough to let one into their lives again. Both quick to say they don't have time for a relationship, when in reality it's just fear of being burnt again. 

But then two suitors come into the ladies' lives, and while Maris is quick to push Joy towards drive-in owner Royce Nakirk, she herself lacks the nerve to let Daron Hardy into her life. Love is tricky for Maris due to her difficult childhood, she has an overwhelming fear of being hurt to overcome. But little by little patience, a dedicated man, and unwavering chemistry help to open her mind and heart to the possibility of love.

Joy and Royce hit if off right off the bat, their attraction is electric, but they both have commitment hang-ups. Neither of them are really in the market for anything long-term, but once they start spending time together, they realize that there is something worth hanging onto there. They must find the courage to let their heart take the lead for once, and quiet their nagging love-deterring minds. 

Page after page I found myself delighted by Ms. Foster's perfectly penned words and her charismatic characters, Sisters of Summer's End is a can't miss tale! I am no stranger to this author's work, and while I thoroughly enjoy her steamier suspenseful, I must admit I also really enjoyed this newest, more emotional, offering. She strayed a little from her usual path, and brought us a more heartfelt tale about the bonds of friendships, healing, and love. I loved this book and the journey it took me on, it was gave my heartstrings a nice little tug, made me smile, and left me with a renewed sense of appreciation for my friends. If you are looking for a heartwarming book to settle down with this summer, I highly recommend you get your hands on this one, it's certain to touch your heart!

I requested an advanced copy of this title from NetGalley, and I am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion.

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