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We Are the Gardeners

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I'm a keen gardener and I loved this book that is full of interesting lesson and it's perfect for teaching kids about gardening.
I loved the illustrations and how the story was told.
Highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC. I voluntarily read and reviewed this book, all opinions are mine
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This is such a cute little story! I love how it goes through the steps of gardening as well as encouraging children to keep trying and not give up! Definitely will be buying this one for my little girls!
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What a beautifully illustrated children's book! I love that through gardening the book teaches the importance no family, team work, perseverance and hope. The writing feels meant for older kids, and some pages have quite a bit of text on them, but I feel all ages can enjoy the beautiful art and sweet story about how this family became gardeners and what that means. 

I can definitely see myself buying this is the future because it's so pretty, but also because of the important lessons it teaches.
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The illustrations are absolutely beautiful, and the story is sweet and encouraging. But, the story itself is a bit wordy and rambling... definitely sounds like it was written by children. That's sweet and endearing as an adult reading it, but when reading it to my three year old, it was just distracting. All the same, I would buy the book for my kids, if only for the BEAUTIFUL watercolor illustrations.
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This book was adorable! I loved the pictures. They were beautiful and colorful. I also loved how the story taught you not to give up and keep trying. If at first you don’t succeed try try again. I can’t wait to pick this nook up for some of the kids I know. I think their parents will appreciate the story and the kids will want to read it again and again!
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Fun and entertaining read. Have enjoyed the Gaines family journey through gardening. Beautiful illustrations! Great family read. Would recommend.
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This is a perfect read. Not only does the stunningly illustrated narrative have heartvand charm, it has subtle science. This is a book that will teach children (and some adults lacking the greenfingers of gardening skills) about the fundamentals of gardening.
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I didn't know that this family is famous (not living in the U.S. and so on, but I strongly recommend this book to children (and adults) to learn about the struggle of having plants and flowers.

Non sapevo che questa fosse una famiglia famosa (non vivendo negli Stati Uniti e non guardando la tv), ma mi sento di raccomandare questo libro ai bambini ( e anche agli adulti) per imparare come sia difficile prendersi cura di piante e fiori.

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A cute story by my favorite family, the Gaines. The illustrations are very kid frien,day and colorful. The narrative is instructional and not condescending. The messages interlaced in the story are very positive and beneficial for every reader, no matter what age. A sweet introduction to young readers about the joys and lessons of tending plants.
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I was excited to be able to receive a review copy of this book because like everything else Joanna Gaines does, I knew I would love it.  But I wasn't prepared to be blown away!

This book is filled with page after page of stunning artwork!  21 pages in total.  Vibrant colors, relatable character images, and the realness of each scene really made me pause.  But then when you get into the story, it really makes you think about the wonder and awe of life in all its forms.  It's really about more than just gardening, it's about how the garden can help teach your kids some great values in life.

Values such as work ethic, being dependable, reliable, and consistent.  Your kids will see how gardening can help them be innovative, creative, and compassionate.  They'll learn optimism, courage, and perseverance through the trials a garden can provide.

Aside from these wonderful life-lessons, they'll see that they can enjoy the fruits of their labor as they gather around the table.

It's a great length for younger kids, and I believe that is the intended audience.  It's written in a way that younger children can relate with.  In the end, this book exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend it for anyone who gardens or wants to garden with their children or grandchildren.

Absolutely 2 thumbs WAY up for this one!
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This is a cute story about not letting failures hold you back.  I loved the illustrations and I could see myself using it in my homeschool to teach about gardening as well.  I didn't notice the author when I initially requested the book - and while the Gaines name will be enough to draw many people, the story is worth your while, too!
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