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The Wolf Wants In

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This book fell flat in so many ways for me. There are two alternating perspectives: Sadie, who is grieving the sudden death of her brother Shane, and Henley, a young girl fighting to escape her small town. The two voices were so similar that it was hard to tell them apart sometimes and this made the story feel too confusing. The two women's stories do intersect at one point, but it's a little late in the plot for it to have made an impact.

The other thing that was tough for me was that the timeframes jumped back and forth (seemingly for no reason). It was super hard for me to keep track of the through-line of the plot even though the month was given at the beginning of the chapter.

But perhaps the biggest drawback for the book was that there were still a few loose ends when the book was over. Not much was tied up neatly so I was just left really frustrated. I probably won't be checking out more of this author's work - it was just too hard for me to follow and didn't offer enough for me to stay engaged.

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