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I received a copy of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley.

Jo has recently been promoted to lieutenant, but misses being a detective. She investigates the murder of a woman in a hotel room, whose body has been posed and wedding ring removed. After a period of months with the case stalled, she discovers other women have been murdered in the same way. Unable to persuade the FBI that there is indeed a serial killer at work, she and her team continue to plug away with help from other police forces.

This was a very exciting book for the first half, but then it slowed down and (for me) included FAR too many descriptions of people playing and chatting on World of Warcraft. Oh my word - guildies and instances and ore and silversmithing and barking and whispering! It went on and on and confirmed for me that online gaming is really not my thing (and reading about it isn't either).

I had planned to reduce my rating to three stars, but then the ending redeemed it for me. It was clever, and while unrealistically coincidental, it was satisfactory. The novel clearly sets up a series, wth Jo applying to go back to being a detective and getting over the loss of her boyfriend (who walked out at the beginning and to whom she seemed not to give a second thought).

As long as the next one doesn't focus on Minecraft or Dungeons and Dragons, I'll be keen to read it.

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