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Boys Will Be Boys

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Of course any book about toxic masculinity and the patriarchy was bound to be terrifying and infuriating in equal measure. But this book literally made me feel sick at times. That has nothing to do with Ford's writing - her style is extremely witty and at times even downright funny. It's more that the subject matter and the examples Ford utilizes to enhance her arguments are incredibly disturbing (no big shocker there).  

To be honest, I don't have a ton of hope for our future that women will be treated with more care and respect in the future - we still have soooo far to go before violence against women and children is not a regular thing and before other important issues (the wage gap, fairness in the court system, etc.) are solved, but it does give me hope that there are people as genuinely fearless and whip-smart as Ford leading the charge for the call to end some of the most harmful and toxic practices all around the world. I applaud her for speaking her mind even when she's attacked by 'men's right's' groups (yes, that's actually a thing). I hope Ford will encourage even more people to fight like she is.

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