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Trick Mirror

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I really liked Tolentino's writing style, but I have to admit that it felt a little too smart for me. I didn't know a ton of words she used! Her examinations into a lot of different topics were super in-depth and interesting (especially her musings about rape culture and feminism). However, it was a tad difficult to follow her train of thought at times. One essay was about her experience being raised in a mega-church, then morphed into a story of Texas hip-hop, then proceeded into her explorations with drugs (ecstasy in particular). It was tough for me to see how all of these things were linked and left me disconnected from where she was trying to take the reader. 

Even though this book was only written three years ago, there were aspects that already felt a tad dated (maybe because we're living in a post-Trump presidency world). This does make me curious to read some of her more current essays to see how she's interpreting societal issues occurring now. I'd recommend this collection to people in my demographic (female millennials) but it might not be relevant for a larger readership.

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