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The Beekeeper of Aleppo

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I've found that one of the experiences that gets neglected in our society is that of the refugee. There are so many tragedies that go unreported because their stories just aren't lifted up by the media or in the arts. I was completely drawn in by the plight of Nuri and his wife, Afra, who end up fleeing Syria after it is decimated by war (but not before their family has been utterly destroyed by loss). They end up making it to the UK (where the book actually begins) but their journey is described through flashbacks to happier times in Aleppo, as well as their treacherous trek to make it to safety.

While this book is extremely difficult to read, it truly made me appreciate how lucky I've been in my life and how much more respect and compassion we should be having for refugees. At times, the story felt a little disjointed jumping between time periods and there were a few details that I felt needed a little more clarifying. But overall, Lefteri has crafted a story that perfectly encapsulates the refugee experience and the havoc it can wreak on mental health and the spirit. I also applaud her for her realistic portrayals of both the impacts of trauma and of PTSD. I feel honored to have been introduced to these characters who have survived the unimaginable (holding space for so many real-life people who have endured the same).

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