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Buzz Books 2019: Fall/Winter

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Another fabulous lineup of books to come - fiction, new authors, nonfiction, and more. Read excerpts of some of the books, and request the full galley on Netgalley using the direct link. I have been reading Buzz Books for a number of years now and highly recommend. I always look forward to Buzz Books as a way to plan my next reads.
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I always look forward to these lists from Buzz Books because there's always a few surprises for me. I see several of my must reads on this list. Most notably: Imaginary Friend and Mother Knows Best. I did not know about Cold Storage prior to this list. I loved the excerpt from Cold Storage, and I will definitely be adding that one to my must read list.

Thank you again!
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So helpful for creating my TBR lists! I love being able to read little excerpts from the books, this is a great way to try new authors. I recommend checking this out if you are looking for new books to read!
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Loved this !!

I'm always trying to find out what up and coming in the literary world.  Absolutely devour reviews in the papers each week and delving into the Sunday Times Culture magazine for what new.

This is perfect - both as a book to read through but also to keep dipping into to see what happening next.  It was also good to read a little more about how publishers work and why certain times of the year are more important for the release of books

This is certainly something that should be available in libraries both for staff and customers to keep up to date

Invaluable !!
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I love these preview books! I am excited to find some new books to get hyped about and I cannot wait to see what kind of books are in here.
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I felt like it took a while for this to come out, I love reading these previews of the next hottest books to hit the shelves. As if my TBR wasn't bloated enough, it's even more bloated now. Thank you Buzz Books!
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