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I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review and was in no way, shape, or form convinced or coerced into writing a positive review. These are my honest thoughts.


I loved everything about this book (the cover, the way it is written, the characters, the setting and the explanations). I laughed and cried, but most of all... I found it relatable.

Abbie has a wonderful way of storytelling. Her YouTube channel is inspirational and the way she explains things is effortless. I can't wait to read her next book and will definitely sign up again for an ARC if I get the chance.

I give this book 5 yellow sunlight stars, I'd give it more if I could *lol*.
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100 Days of Sunlight:

Wow. Just. Wow. What can I say, this book was AMAZING! Abbie Emmons has such a great talent for penning stories and I felt so privileged to have been able to read this book! 

Things I liked: 
-THE COVER!!! I am the kind of person that will pick up a book not only because of the story inside, but also because I love the cover! 100 Days of Sunlight has A STUNNING COVER!And can I also mentioned that it’s perfect for the story inside? From the blue bird, the flowers, the camera, the ukulele, the computer, the glasses, all the way to the waffle: the cover matched the plot and characters so well! IT MATCHED SO WELL!!! 
-I really liked the fact that Tessa was a blogger! (Because I am too!) I could relate to her so much! We had a lot in common! (homeschool, introvert, etc!) And I loved that she had blogger friends!!!!!! Also, I laughed out-loud while reading the comment by Wes about Tessa being one of “Those people” when she ordered her drink made with almond milk at the coffee shop! Haha, I can SO relate to being one of “Those people!” 
-The emotions in this book were so raw. My heart ached for Wes especially during the chapters where it was about the years right after his accident. The pain and hardship displayed in the characters, when they realized their handicap, was so real and I wanted to hug both of them! A couple scenes even brought tears to my eyes! 
-The inspirational theme and message in 100 Days of Sunlight was so good and so encouraging. To get up when you’ve fallen and learn to fly really hit home for me! Also, that scene when Wes made his speech in front of his class… <3 <3 <3 
-I also liked that it talked about taking the right path and making the choice even when the path is hard. It’s so much easier to go with the flow and I really liked Weston’s mentality when it came to accepting where he was at and being confident on where he was in life. (Also, he was such a good big brother!) 
-The writing style was so unique and I could really get into the characters heads. 
-The formatting was different, but I liked it! 
-AND, lastly, I loved how it went through all the senses other than seeing. Like tasting, and listening! It made me appreciate being able to use all my five senses! 

Things I disliked:
-The language. Before I read the book, I knew that there was going to be some language in it, but I was surprised by the amount. I understand to some extent that this is apart of the characters in the book, but it still made it uncomfortable to read as the reader. Part of the reason I didn’t give this book 5 stars was because of the amount of bad words…
-I felt like for the size of the book, there could have been more side character interaction added to the story. It was basically made up of the two main characters and their families or close friends.
-I’m not very use to reading YA books, but It seemed like they were a little too young? Maybe it’s just me and my preference when it comes to romance. 
-As much as this aspect made the story unique, I thought there was a little too much backstory or flashbacks where it went from three years before for one chapter, then back to the present for another. It made it difficult to keep up with all the changing back and forth.

Overall: this was a wonderful read full of sunshine, friendships, overcoming obstacles, and WAFFLES! 

Thanks for reading my review! I feel honored to have been given a advanced reader copy of this book to read in exchange for a honest book review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Thank you very much for allowing me the opportunity to read this book!  I appreciate the kindness. <3
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Lemme tell you it’s hard not to have enjoyed this and the development through this. What a great teen novel and this is gonna definitely be the next hit! Love! 
Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for allowing me to read this novel in exchange for an honest review.
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This book was... wow!

Abbie sure knows how to write a good story with clean romance. I really enjoyed this little ride with Tessa and Weston! There were some downsides, of course, but we'll get to those later-- right now let me just list all the good stuff.

- the romance
- Tessa Dickinson
- Weston Ludovico 
- Tessa being blind for 100 days
- Weston having no legs
- All the beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL poetry
- The beautiful writing that resulted from the beautiful poetry
- Did I already mention the romance
- Family fun
- Friendship rep because no one writes about that anymore :((( 
- THE COVER which is beautiful and would fit wonderfully on my bookshelf

So yeah. Those were the goodies. And in case you didn't get it the first two times, THE ROMANCE WAS... I can't even.

But of course, to every pro there is a con. (Well actually, that's not really true.) (Okay, that's NOWHERE near the truth but just let me sound wise and philosophical) There were some... baddies to the goodies, but thank goodness, not all that many so! It was all okay.

- The language. :( I'm really touchy about language in particular in regards to content (romance too, but hey there was none of that bad content stuff in the romance department so *shrug*). The language was really bad, actually. I don't know why so many authors don't keep it at just "he swore" or "she cursed" or whatever, but yeah. There were so many swear words that I'm pretty sure it's the only reason I wouldn't let my eleven-year-old sister read it. :( 
- The lack of, I don't know, Christian influence? I mean, there were some things; Tessa's family was Christian and all, and I mean, I didn't really expect this book to be inherently in the Christian fiction category, but some parts I was just like, "But wait..." and... yeah. Weston wasn't even Christian and it was never addressed. (Neither was the language.) I would say it's because this book could work for a secular audience as well, but then there was the fact that Tessa's grandpa is a pastor and Psalms is continually mentioned. *shrugs*

Other than that... I didn't really have any dislikes, I guess. :))) 

All in all, this book was AMAZING. Totally awesome. *shakes head* Boy did I not know what I was getting into. But now... well. I recommend it. A lot. I'll rate it four stars, mainly because five-star books are those that make me fangirl and want people I know to read it and make ME want to reread it (which is a super-rare phenomenon anyway so), and that was sadly lacking in the reading of this book. BUT STILL. It was really good. 

Thanks to the author for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review-- a positive review was not required, and all opinions and views are my own.
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What Emmons does here with character development was brilliant. I forgot i was an ARC reader and I loved existing in this world. She paints a picture with all of your senses through words and it is truly one of the most heart warming books I have read. I will recommend this book to any lover of YA and women’s fiction. The cover itself is not only a beautiful work of digital art, but such a clear representation of this beautiful story that I will hold close to my heart for a very long time.
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This. Book. Was. Everything. 

So, I came into this book with pretty high expectations due to the fact that I have been watching Abbie’s channel for around a year now. 

And it has met almost every single one. 

The way Abbie writes is completely immersive. And I loved the setup of the story itself. How each part of the story focused on a new sense. The flow of it was FANTASTIC. 

I have one complaint. I couldn’t stand how Tessa kept complaining about how Weston didn’t understand her. It was entertaining at first. However, after a while it got a little bit repetitive for me and a little bit annoying. After she was complaining about Weston. Weston. In my opinion he may just be the best thing in the whole novel. 

Now that I am on the topic of Weston I will continue. He sole handedly carried that whole book on top of his beautiful shoulders. I’m not kidding. His story and his arc brought me to tears. He is a saint. 

Also I have to say that I am extremely impressed with the plot of the story. Just the way that Tessa’s arc was set up. The way how she slowly was able to value her different senses. It is amazing. I am in awe at this wonderful novel. (I’m sorry that I brought it up again but it need to acknowledge the plot. It is flawless.)

The main thing that I learned from the novel is that there is more to life than what you can see. And honestly that theme is clearly displayed throughout the novel. But more importantly you learn to let go and make the best of your situations. 

Also the world that was created was extremely vivid. The way that I felt inside the story, as if I was there, was phenomenal. THE AESTHETICS WERE EVERYTING.  I CAN’T FUNCTION. 

The story itself is very original.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve read a contemporary plot like it. And honestly after a while a lot of contemporary novels seem repetitive and boring to me, yet somehow the author has managed to break many stereotypes while also keeping it entertaining. I thank you for that. 

This book is the best contemporary novel have read in a long time. 

The book is about an 8 out of 10, but due to the fact that Weston is present I will easily give the book a 10 out of 10. You deserve it Abbie!
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I absolutely loved this book. The synopsis really intrigued me as it is a very different topic than anything I've ever read before. 

Tessa and Weston were both really interesting characters. They were both struggling with their disabilities in different ways. Tessa was struggling to come to terms with hers even if it was only thought to be temporary and Weston thought he had conquered his only to discover that may not have been the case. In some ways, I thought this book was more about Weston than Tessa. I feel like he may have gotten more out of their friendship than even Tessa did.

Their journey was fantastic. I liked watching everything unfold and seeing their different views on their "handicaps." I will say, I wanted more struggle out of them. There were times where I felt their acceptances happened a little too quickly and I'm not sure how realistic that is given that they were pretty serious situations.  Something else I wasn't a fan of was how quickly it ended. I wanted more of Tessa's thoughts and feelings and therefore I was left wanting more. I didn't need an epilogue, but I do feel like a longer final chapter or one more chapter was needed to really wrap things up. The final thing I wasn't a fan of was the religious references. I honestly didn't think it was necessary and it just made me a little uncomfortable. There wasn't anything bad or negative about it and I definitely wouldn't say anything was shoved down my throat, but I'm just not a fan of religion being prominent in books that I read. I get that Tessa's grandfather was a pastor so of course it's going to be brought up, but it was just brought up a few too many times for my taste. Ultimately, these are the reasons I knocked off a star.

Overall, I highly recommend this book. Abbie Emmons is definitely an author I will be looking for more work from! This is an extremely clean YA book, so it's a great book for pre-teens and teens.
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“Tessa needs to learn to punch life in the face.” - Weston Ludovico

Tessa is blind. A drunk driver hit her car. Tessa hit her head. Swelling in her brain caused blindness. The doctors think the blindness is temporary, but 100 days seems like an eternity in the dark. 

Weston enters Tessa’s life against her will. Her loving grandparents invite him with the best intentions, to help her write her way through the darkness. Tessa knows better. No one can help her. There is no through the darkness. She makes sure Weston knows it in an eruption of emotion and tears. In a rage, she tells him to leave. He does, but like the cat he comes back the next day.

Weston revels in his interactions with Tessa. Here’s a girl he knows he can help. Here’s a girl lost in the dark, and he has the light. Here’s a girl who can’t see his legs, or lack of them. Though Tessa initially heaps abuse on Weston, he sees her for what she is, afraid and lashing out. Even as he helps Tessa find the remaining beauty in her darkened world he worries, when Tessa is finally able to look at him, what will she see? 

This book is sweet and heartfelt. The relationship between Tessa and Weston plays out in a believable way. The characters feel real and authentic and I saw my own experiences as a teen played out in several scenes. 

Abbie Emmons is a poet, and she lends this skill to Tessa. The poetry included within the story is powerful and I found myself thinking about it even after I’d put the book down. 

100 Days of Sunlight is reminiscent of a John Green novel, but with sweetness and hope at it’s core. It’s an emotional read, so grab your tissues. I gave it 4 out 5 stars because while I liked it I do prefer a more complex story. Otherwise, I found it to be a good read that I enjoyed throughout.
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I really enjoyed this debut novel and in particular appreciated the refreshing twist on boy meets girl. Our two protagonists, Tessa and Weston, each have a disability: one of which is temporary and the other really is not. We see their individual journeys to accepting or embracing this particular life obstacle.

There's a really cute love story! I was really hoping that Tessa and Weston would both like each other at the end  : ) I thought that for the most part, the feelings were pretty balanced: this was not a case of one teenage girl falling hopelessly for a bad boy who would treat her in a way that she didn't deserve. They were both into each other - not just for superficial reasons - and each brought their insecurities / bad character traits to the table.

Additionally, I think the book did a really good job at showing a friendship between two teenage boys that is not in the least bit macho but full of sensitivity instead. There's also the issue of absent parents, which I thought was nicely handled. My only (very minor) complaints would be that a) there was a noticeable lack of diversity and b) the adults had traditional gender roles. 

On a purely aesthetic note, I love the cover art of this book!
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haven't read many contemporaries this year, BUT, as soon as Abbie Emmons put her debut up on NetGalley, I KNEW I had to request to read it. Thank you, NetGalley, for the ARC. <3
I'm so impressed with this book. It was that lighthearted romantic story I've needed to balance my recent fantasy binge. In fact, I flew through it in three days, reading over half of it in a single sitting in my bed at midnight. I haven't stayed up late to finish a book in forever!
Now, for my review:
The characters are so well developed. Abbie delivers on her famous advice: "It's not about what happens. It's about how what happens affects the characters."

I loved seeing Weston's story through flashbacks. It really helped me love him as a character. To be honest, Weston wins the award as one of my favorite fictional guys ever. We need more guys like him in the world today. He's gentle, kind, funny, etc. But he's also fighting his own struggles, just like Tessa.
When going into this book, I was curious how Abbie was going to approach writing a blind character--something I'd never myself read before. However, it was amazing. I love being able to just feel Tessa's experiences of using her other senses to create her own image of where she was.
My favorite thing about this book is the romantic development. In one chapter, Weston would want to hold her hand but resist because he didn't want to cross boundaries. Then, in the VERY NEXT chapter, Tessa would be thinking the SAME THING. MY HEART. Please give me more Tessas and Westons. Thank you. Bye.
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I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. These are my honest thoughts.

In order to have a base to build on, I'll repeat what you already know from the description: the main characters are Tessa (the newly blind girl) who has a hard time (understandable) dealing with what's happening to her, and Weston (the boy without legs). 

First of all the humor! There was a joke for all the moments when a joke was needed, and also for all the moments when you didn’t know you needed a joke. They felt fresh and added a lot to Weston's personality. The humor is a very strong point of this novel, in my opinion. It's kinda weird to write a review of a book about disabilities and start by saying how fun it was to read it, but it truly was fun. Weston would be a stand up comedian if he was real. 

The poetry. I didn't expect to enjoy a 16 years old's poetry blog. I thought that the poetry would be either too good or really cringy, but it was perfect. Simple, true, not pretentious so it didn't obscure the prose, and enjoyable. My only regret is that there wasn't a poem at the end, written by Tessa to conclude her journey and attest her evolution. Not really necessary, but I would have liked it.

This book was motivational and I believe it to be an important read for teenagers in that aspect. There was an old thing on the Internet (back in my age, ~7 years ago), an old man running a marathon and the text "what's your excuse?" or something like that. This book has an aspect of "what's your excuse" and I love it. Abbie is a motivational speaker at heart and that translates very well on the page. 

My favorite part was by far Weston's backstory. Not only it read very intense but also it implied lots of family moments. If you generally enjoy the big family trope, this book has a little bit of that, just a sprinkle but it leaves you wanting more. Maybe it's just me but I wish I could live in Weston's home for an entire prequel lol.

One tiny negative aspect of the book that I feel I should include is that during the backstory parts Weston and Rudy always seemed 16 years old, never 13. The dialog and the actions made me picture 16 year old boys. Sometimes I was reminded they were in fact 13 and I would scale them down in my head but I would forget again two minutes later. Maybe that's just me, kids are more and more mature with each generation. Anyway, it was a very small inconvenience and I stand by what I said about the backstory being my favorite part. 

The romance was cute, I have nothing particular to say about it as it is not my preferred genre (lol I read the book for the no vision/no legs part, okay?) but I didn't minded anything about it, I think it was well executed (I don't have a very formed taste in romance though).

Very fast read, I finished it in two sittings being a slow reader. Pacing was consistent all the way, no boring parts.

In conclusion I didn't expect to like 100 Days of Sunlight as much as I did. To be honest I went into it expecting it to be a 3-4 star book for me. I like Abbie as an authortube but she didn't seem like the type of author I would come to love. I was wrong. I only watched about 1/6 of her videos before 100 Days of Sunlight, but now, after 100 Days of Sunlight I'll never miss another one :)
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I adored this book! it made me smile and get emotional equal amount of times.   I loved the reveals  so much , its so well written and so well constructed , it hooked me so quickly and i enjoyed every moment of it.   Made a nice change up from thrillers which i usually read mostly , but just such a life affirming read which i always do enjoy.   Thank you for this beautiful story, i can't wait to get myself a copy when it comes out!
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addictive, totally lovable characters? Check. Jaw dropping descriptiveness and AMAZINGLY well written content? Check. All the emotions? Those are there too. Abbie, I don’t know what you just did to my heart, but AKDSJWKDJNSKDN!!! 10/10 recommend this book, it is literally my new fave😍😍 in the Whole. World. So... ummm... yeah. If you need me, I’ll be in the corner fangirling. The ONLY thing I have to complain about is I’m not a fan of cursing in my books, and there was a decent amount of language.😬 but otherwise, this absolutely tore my heart out and had me on THE EDGE OF MY SEAT. Lots of love to you Abbie!!
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So, this book...

If y'all have been following me for ANY amount of time, you've heard me go on and on and on and on and on and on and ON about The Blood Race and Worlds Beneath by K.A Emmons, Abbie's sister. (Well, peeps, we still have Resurgence to get through, so calm down because I will still be fangirling over those books, okay.)

But this book... it is just as amazing and dear to me but in a different way. OBVIOUSLY contemporary romance and sci-fi fantasy are VERY DIFFERENT genres, but going into this book, I wasn't sure if Abbie and Kate would have similar writing voices. Upon reading 100 Days of Sunlight, I learned that would NOT be the case at all. Their voices are very, very different. 


We have Tessa who is a blogger, homeschooler, and recently blind due to an accident. We have Weston who is none of those things but disabled in a different way, but I'm not sure if it's a spoiler so I'm not going to say it here. 

Tessa takes her blindness very hard and becomes very pessimistic and cold. Weston takes his disability in stride, deciding to overcome EVERYTHING. When they meet, Weston is convinced he can help Tessa, with one condition: no one can tell her about his disability. 

So, Tessa doesn't know and treats him like crap, being harsh and cold to him. But soon... things begin to change in ways I can't say. #spoilers!

It's about love, hardship, friendship, brothers, BREAKING FREAKING HOMESCHOOL STEREOTYPES!

And yes, this book had some content. Nothing too major, quite a few cuss words. I, personally, am okay with some swearing in books, as long as it doesn't cross the f-bomb line. And it didn't. Plus, the words weren't frequent in this book. Most of them came from Wes, but he wasn't exactly taught otherwise, I guess?? I didn't think much of it because it was mostly the same words in The Blood Race.

And then, as I finished the book, I'm left with a hard thing decision. I CAN'T DECIDE IF I LIKE FIN OR WESTON BETTER!!!!!

Everyone KNOWS Fin has been the love of my life and now... I JUST DON'T KNOW!!


I loved the formatting, too, because it seemed poetic sometimes. AND THE POETRY IN THE BOOK WAS A-PLUS MATERIAL!

Besides all of that, it was inspiring. My only complaint is that it didn't feel long enough, but for the type of book, it probably was average in length. THIS BOOK NEEDS TO BE A MOVIE!!

So many elements that all these authors tell you ruin a book... Abbie used and DID IT RIGHT. Flashbacks, some flowery words, even some of the formatting. This just tells you that you shouldn't take all the advice you hear.

Okay, my review is getting really long now, so I'm going to cut it off here. 

If you have the opportunity, READ THIS BOOK! You won't regret it. 💛💛💛💛💛

Because of this book, I'm putting yellow hearts EVERYWHERE. My friends can attest to that. 😂💛💛💛
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This book was the highlight of my week! I had such a hard time putting it down. The characters were lovable and fun to read about and I fell in love with both Weston and Tessa. Thank you so much Abbie for putting this story out into the world! This had been my favorite book I’ve read in a while.
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This was a really sweet story with fantastic disability rep - it was awesome to read about Weston (who has prosthetic legs) and Tessa (who is temporarily blind). I loved Weston but at times he annoyed me when he acted out of character and it didn't quite work
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Rating: 4.5 Stars
100 Days of Sunlight truly made me smile. Sometimes you have those days when Oscar the Grouch is your spirit animal. It is on those days when you need a strong shot of positivity and absolute cuteness. 100 Days on Sunlight delivered on both points. The emotional journey through the book and the different ways each character handled Life were spectacular to witness. The only negative was that the ending felt rushed. Other than that, I would recommend 100 Days of Sunlight to whoever wants to have one of those cheesy smiles plastered on their face all day.
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I really enjoyed this story. I don’t typically read books that are romances, so I’m glad I made an exception and requested this book. I liked all of the characters, especially Weston. And honestly, how could you not love him? He was very sweet and hopelessly optimistic about everything. Tessa grew on me as well. I didn’t really care for her in the beginning, but she matured and really grew as a character. They are perfect for each other, which the author slowly revealed through their dialogue and actions throughout the story. There definitely wasn’t any insta love here! As for their disabilities, I liked how they both relied on each other to overcome them. They were both dealt difficult cards in life, but they didn’t let that stop them from doing the things they loved. This was a really inspirational story about the healing power of family, love, and friendship. 5/5, would recommend.
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I received a free ARC of this book in return for a honest review. 

100 Days of Sunlight is a book about a lot of things. It's about disability, yes, but it's also about family and recovery and boys who are insufferable, right up until they're perfect. 

I really enjoyed this book. I really meant to read it slowly, but I read the entire thing in one day. I know that reviews are supposed to give a short summary of the book, but you've presumably already read the summary so I'm just going to jump into how I felt about the book. 

I enjoyed the time jumps to Weston's past and then back to Tessa or Weston's modern day narration. Sometimes books with multiple narrators run the risk of you liking one narration more than the other and that impacting your enjoyment of half the book but I'm glad to say the narration was solid the whole way through. The story was very sweet. It's clear through Abbie's channel that she is extremely passionate about this book and you could feel it. 

Honestly, I probably would not have read this book if I saw it in a store. I'm not the biggest fan of romance, even in the background of stories, and I've been making it a priority to read LGBT+ books recently as straight romance in novels seems to always follow the same formula (yeah, I might be a little jaded). 

I give this book a 4/5, not because there's anything wrong with it, but because I'm an extremely harsh grader. I can't think of anything that I would have changed to make it a more impactful book. I really liked it, I just didn't heart-and-soul adore it.
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