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Athena's Choice

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Athena's Choice is an easy to read sci-fi story where men no long exist. Some of the women are clearly happy and other miss the other part of their species. When the genome that celebrity scientist Antares creates a way t bring men back, the genome is quickly stolen. Which said stole it The ones who don't want men back or the women who do? Athena could care less so is surprised when the AI that has become the human's highest authority decides that Athena can solve the mystery. How can a young woman who is a mediocre painter solves such a case?
Adam Boomstrom creates a unique word that I would have liked to learn more of. I enjoyed the character even if many of them weren't very deep. The over all idea is fascinating and this is handled more simply than other books might because of its audience. But I can say I didn't see the tist coming and that is impressive.
I liked that the author include other information to supplement the story. For example "Wikipedia"  entries about topics that are being introduced. News and legislation pieces as well as some fun adds that round the story. It helped me really get into the world.
I know what the author mean to do with the ending. But I personally never liked this endings. They have ticked me off since grade school and reading "The Lady and The Tiger."  I always feel cheated.
Overall, I would recommend this to the YA age as a stepping stone to more intense science fiction. Athena's Choice is great starter material.

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