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Vanishing Fleece

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In VANISHING FLEECE, Clara Parkes' love song to American wool, follow the journey of her "Great White Bale" project. The tale follows her 676 pound bale of Saxon Merino wool from Eugene's sheep farm in Goshen, NY. Parkes' clear and beautiful writing shows us why the domestic yarn industry deserves our support. 

It's a book you'll want to linger over and savor, however you may find yourself like Parkes, jumping in and seeing where the bale takes her next. I devoured this book in one sitting on a rainy afternoon. 

Do you need to be a knitter to enjoy VANISHING FLEECE? No. Parkes writing is approachable and comfortable. This is a book for those who care about what they put in their bodies, and what they put on them. It is for those skeptical that you can find good, affordable, domestically processed wool, or that one should.

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