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Moth & Whisper Vol. 1

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I really enjoyed Moth and Whisper. The story/premise caught and held my interest, and the action moved at a good pace. I loved Niki as a character, and the fact they were genderqueer was just treated as part of who they were and not as a major focus point, which is always great to see. I liked the artwork and style of the piece, and I would happily read more of this story when volume two releases.
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Hickman's art style is my cup of tea, along with the genderqueer cyberpunk amalgam of sci-fi and mystery, as far as the story is concerned, and the dystopian world-building that's on point.
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Unfortunately, the images in this book, as well as most of the text, did not come through in my download. What I did look at was very high quality.  I appreciate what this publisher is doing in the world of graphic novels.
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