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Bloodlust & Bonnets

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Bloodlust and Bonnets is the child of Emily McGovern best know for her web comic My :Life As  a Background Slytherin. McGovern blends Lord Byron, vampires and a brave female hero for a hilarious and chaotic tale.
In the early 1th century, Lucy rejects her life as a debutante  and finds herself catching the eye of Lady Travesty and her cult of vampires. Lucy partners with Lord Byron and a mysterious hunter to track Travesty and put an end the cult. During their journey they cross paths with psychic eagles, talking castles and high society balls. 

Bloodlust & Bonnets shares the same charm from McGovern's comic. The art is simple but effective and helps keep the gory bits from being too gory. In facts, it just makes the blood funny especially when paired with the character's reactions.

I loved the chaos hat ensured when this rag tag bunch comes upon adventure. This is a fantasy novel were the characters are at least some what prepared. This is a Christopher Moore style tale where no one can keep anything straight and the most ridiculous things happen. It is refreshing and funny.
There is also heart. Themes from the area still resonate today. Who am I? How do I handle the ideals society pushes upon me? Why can't I just stay in my bed and read? (I'm with Byron on this). 
The graphic novel meanders in the middle, throwing in chaos just to throw in more chaos but because the characters are lovable and the voice enchanting, Bloodlust & Bonnets is a must for anyone looking for a fun getaway from the real world.

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