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Rating Your Bunkmates and Other Camp Crimes

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Abigail is a genius at facts, but not so much at making friends. When your brain is as big as hers, it can be tough to relate to anyone. Summer camp always offers the chance to make life-long friends, so it seems like the perfect place for Abigail to go and make friends her own age. So she goes into summer camp like it is a scientific observation and attempts to make friends.

Unfortunately for Abigail, she is a hard character to like or relate to, not just for her fictitious bunk mates, but for me as a reader. The writing style is fun and getting to see into Abigail's notebook is a great way to keep the story moving and get to know this difficult character better.

Abigail may start out as tough to love, but as she figures out how to relate to others, she begins to grow on you. Not everyone can make friends easily. For some, like Abigail, it takes a little extra effort and time.

Quirky and entertaining, this book is a fun read!

Thank you to NetGalley for my copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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Thank you so much NetGalley, Capstone and Jennifer Orr for this arc in exchange for an honest review! All thoughts expressed in this review are solely my own. 

To be honest, I am not a big fan of this book. It started really confusing, in the beginning I didn't even realise the book started already and was just swiping to get to the first chapter, which I had entirely missed. I think that I'm rather intelligent, so that was a big no for me. It has to be clear when a book starts and if it starts like it's a notebook and has lines all over the place, that just doesn't work for me. 

However, the real problem I had with this book, was that I didn't like the main character (Abigail) at all. She seems a bit rude and acts as if it is everybody elses problem that she doesn't have friends. I don't  think that is the message you should send to children. Of course making friends depends on the other person as well, but children should be responsible if they want to make friend. They should at least try. To me, Abigail is not the right role model for them. 

I will give this book three stars, because the style of writing was really pleasant and I do think that it could be a good story, it just wasn't for me.
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I enjoyed this book very much.  Abigail is twelve year old girl with a different view of things.  She is very hopeful about her adventure at Camp and the chance to make friends.  I enjoyed reading things from Abigail's perspective as she had a different take on the interactions of her bunkmates and the events that happened at camp.  Abigail is a very book smart character but really uses the opportunity at camp to learn about social interaction and friendship.
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The narrator is a socially awkward but very smart girl. She's off to camp and is observing the odd behaviors of her peers. For a lot of us it can be hard to make friends, especially when you see other girls greet each other from past camp experiences. I related to that aspect, but I didn't relate to the genius side of her because I was just an average girl. Her thought processes were humorous, which is why I gave this book four stars. The four starts also come from the "field journal", which I thought was clever. It didn't get a full five stars because it gave too much leniency to the "mean girl" and that "mean girl behavior" doesn't ruin any friendships, it almost solidifies them more. I was thankful for the chance to read this ahead of time!
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I was so happy to have the opportunity to review Rating your Bunkmates and Other Camp Crimes by Jennifer Orr. Thanks go out to NetGalley, Capstone Editions and author Jennifer Orr for my ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Socially awkward 12 year old  Abigail is hopeful that a week at camp will be the answer to finally making a friend. She studies her bunkmates for friendship potential. But just when it seems that she is off to a good start, her bunkmate's phone gets stolen, and she is the main suspect. She has to clear her name, find the real culprit, and make a friend before the week is done. All in all, a very good YA novel.
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Earc from netgalley.

Okay there seem to be a lot of camp books lately, and this hasn't been one of my favorites. Abigail wasn't very likeable in my opinion, and the drama just never stopped. Just not for me, I guess, but younger girls who like camp and drama might enjoy this one.
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