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I first would like to start out by saying that I am a big fan of Jennifer Anne Davis' books. I read her True Reign and Reign of Secrets series last year and I thought that they were brilliant. She's an awesome writer.
I will say that this book started off really slowly for me. I didn't care much for the MC until the latter half of the book. The book centers around Reid Ellington, the youngest daughter of a lord who has been raised as a boy so she can inherit her father's title and property in the land of Marsden. Women are not highly regarded in this land and cannot make their own decisions, much less own property. This precarious position accidently throws Reid into the middle of the intrigue that is the royal court and sets her on the path to influence the course of nations. In the process, Reid learns to claim her own identity as a woman, and learns that the society she grew up in was not as ideal as she once thought.
I really liked how the main character grew into herself and became more self-assured as the book went on. The twists, which I will not give away, were vintage Davis. They are what hooked me and got this book a 4 star rating. As always, Davis' writing is sharp and clear. She has a great talent for plunging the reader into the MC's mind. I also liked how there wasn't really that much of a love storyline for the MC. Feelings are there for a character I won't name, but it doesn't dominate the narrative like other books do. Reid is focused on helping her father and her country. Any love interest is second to that. The climax and ending to this book was very satisfying. Another strong addition to Davis' litany of YA works.

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Realm of Knights took me completely by surprise; it’s easily one of my favorite summer releases. Although a girl pretending to be a boy isn’t a unique concept, I was pleasantly surprised by the complexity of the plot and its characters.

Reid is the type of heroine I would have idolized as a kid. She’s independent, determined, and loyal. Throughout the story, she’s constantly fighting to understand her family, the king, the princes, and above all else- herself.

Rather than building Reid’s strength in contrast to weaker female peers, Davis has included other strong-willed ladies like Princess Idina and Princess Nara, which I truly appreciate as a reader.

Realm of Knights in unpredictable in the best way possible. Each plot twist was well executed, and quite literally kept me up at night wondering what might happen next. I’d highly recommend giving this book a try; I can’t wait to read the rest of this series!

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Realm of Knights completely blew me away!

Knowing that the book had a plot I’ve seen and read many times before (a woman pretending to be a man), I didn’t come in with the highest of expectations, but I never expected to fall in love with this book the way that I did.

Although the beginning was slow, the pace sped up after a couple of chapters, and I just couldn’t put this book down until I finished it because it was so much more than just a woman pretending to be a man.

Reid was an amazing main character! I was initially worried that Reid wouldn’t have much depth and would only have a bland personality revolving around how women were versus men, but it turned out that I worried for nothing.

She did keep circling back occasionally to how she thought women like herself were supposed to be treated, but I adored Reid for her strength, which is shown through her actions and not her words. Even in the toughest of situations, Reid never backed down against others, but she also wasn’t perfect and struggled to achieve her goals.

There was actually much more action than romance in this book. I really enjoyed the royal politics, and the book did well to show us what was going on within the kingdom and with its royalty and problems outside of the kingdom.

But what was so great with the royal politics was how Jennifer Anne Davis presented it. It wasn’t overly complicated. I was able to understand everything like who the enemies were, the relationships of the royal family with each other, etc.

The romance, however, was only a very small part of the plot, but I loved the love interest that the author chose, even if the romance didn’t quite take off. And that being the case, I’m fine with it because it was hinted that there’ll be even more romance in the next book, which I’m so excited for!

I absolutely can’t wait for the next book in this series!

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I have read Ms. Davis' True Reign, Reign of Secrets, and Order of the Kriegers series. all of which I enjoyed tremendously. This novel to her new series did not disappoint! I could not put this novel down, for each page enraptured me immensely and I needed to know what happened next. Nothing is as it seems in the kingdom of Marsden. Reid has been raised as a boy her entire life, even though she is a woman. Only men can inherit and her father did not want to lose his land, but what he has done is considered treason. To keep her family safe, Reid travels with two princes of the kingdom and gets more involved with the royal family than she ever expected. Women are treated like property, yet Reid is different because she can fight and will speak her mind. So much deceit and unknown intentions in this novel. Whom is Reid to trust...for each time she has a piece of the puzzle, more get added. Everyone has an ulterior motive and Reid is the pawn that is being used by all. All Reid wants to do is keep her family safe and save them from being killed. However, she will have to be both man and woman, and along her journey she will question the very things she was taught to believe. I loved the characters, each so different from the other. Cannot wait for the next novel in the series!

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Realm of Knights is a great book that pulls the reader into Reid's world, where she had to grow up as a boy to ensure her father keeps his lands since he has no male heir and women are not seen as equal in this kingdom.
Everything starts to fall apart and Reid's whole world view tumbles as the two princes of the kingdom show up one day, demanding soldiers and taking 'Lord Reid' with them...

Adventure, political intrigues, surprising twists and wonderfully written characters make this book a joy to read!
I could not put it down since I wanted to know where the story would take Reid, how the twists and turns would play out and who would out-smart who.
The ending of this book makes sure that you crave the next one. I hope book 2 comes out soonish.

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this great read.

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*4.5 Stars*

This was such a fun book-- I read it in one sitting not even stopping to grab a snack or anything. If you love Tamora Pierce's Tortall series, this book will be right up your alley.

"Realm of Knights" follows Reid: a girl raised as a boy since her father only had daughters and women cannot inherit. Reid goes from being a girl dressed as a boy, to a boy leading an army, to a girl spying on another country and both the evolution of how she sees herself and how she sees her country. I really appreciate that Jennifer Anne Davis has Reid and others rail against the sexism that both restrains what she can do and also frequently changes how Reid is viewed.

This story is so fun and I was so engrossed that I felt abruptly pulled out of the story when I had finished it-- I was completely unaware that I was nearing the end. I felt I was watching the story unfold before me and after I saw the words 'The End' I was reminded that I had indeed been reading. I read a lot of books and enjoy many of them but it is notable for me to be so sucked in that nothing else exists.

The reason I gave it 4.5 stars instead of 5 is that I didn't see any PoC. It is not uncommon in books to not mention skin tones and while this may seem like that makes it inclusive, in practice it means everyone is whitewashed. If the next book is as good as this one and just a bit more diverse it will definitely be 5 stars!

I need the next one already!

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4,5 stars.

A story of a young woman pretending to be a man sounds always interesting and promising. I liked the book. I felt that some things there were a bit rushed, like the possible romance, it was a bit unbelievable .... BUT I have no problem with how it ended because I didn’t like that character enough to be Raid’s romantic interest. I was intrigued much more by some other men and one of them will be in the next book a lot I hope. :) Can’t wait to read it to be honest.

I received and ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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