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Lake Season

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Lake Season
by Denise Hunter
Book 1 in the Bluebell Inn Romance series
Rating: 5/5

Let me start by saying that I am already a huge fan of Denise Hunter. She has a way of weaving together a story of loss, hope, forgiveness and redemption that makes the reader gasp, laugh, and sigh with relief. The third act in this novel is not be missed. She made me cry and lose sleep, so you’ve been warned.

This story is a story within a story. The reader is gradually introduced to the older story while the main focus in on the current story. Molly and her siblings are finally opening the renovated Inn that their late parents had purchased. She is determined to finish what her parents started and then eventually get back to her life and plans. Adam is a writer looking for inspiration for his next book and he may have just found his muse in Molly; however, he values his privacy, which is why he writes under a pseudonym. Little does he know that Molly is his biggest fan. During the renovating, Molly finds an old love letter that never got sent (the Inn used to be a post office) and gets to Adam to help her find and track down the couple.

Molly and Adam both have past regrets and hurts that affect their prospective relationship. If they can find a way to allow God to heal them, they may find unimaginable treasure this Lake Season.

Hunter writes her characters in such an authentic way that just draws the reader in. Her portrayals of Molly and Adam are spot on and her ability to weave another couple’s story within Molly and Adam’s story is beautifully done and not to be missed. But really, go read this book right now. You won’t regret it.

My thanks to the publisher, Netgalley, and CelebrateLit for an ARC of the book. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own. No positive review was expected and no compensation received.

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