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You and Me and Us

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Meredith S, Reviewer

Last updated on 20 Jan 2020

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Wow. I am so incredibly impressed with this debut by Alison Hammer, perfect for fans of Karma Brown and Sarah Jio. It reads like she's been writing novels forever. The story was incredibly sad and my eyes teared on several occasions, but it was not a full-on downer at all! There was humor and moments of hope and optimism sprinkled in. It was a story of growth, of facing and surviving the worst things life can bring, and coming out stronger. I loved the alternating POVs of Alexis and CeeCee (mother and daughter) and thought Hammer painted a perfect portrait of a fourteen-year-old girl. None of the characters were perfect, aside from Tommy perhaps, but they were all relatable and easy to care about. I see big things for Alison Hammer in the future and absolutely cannot wait to read her next book.

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