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Parham Itan: Tales From Beyond Volume 1

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Hmm, Parham Itan is quite solid actually. I'm not a fan of Cthulhu, so I cannot say if this was accurate in any way, but interesting if nothing else. Yamagishi and Sendo go to the same school, the other is a boxer and the other is a bookish alien loving nerd obsessed with conspiracies. They encounter this odd plant-faced monster that kills a man and they also meet this weird inspector that soon dies mysteriously. Except he didn't die and they all end up in another dimension mansion inhabited by bugs. Basically this first part doesn't really offer us anything else except the monsters and the looming mystery of what could happen next, but no explanation or anything. Thus the manga feels quite long as it doesn't really set the story and we don't get to know the characters all that well either. Still, there's always the possibility that this will turn out better along the run.

The art looks OK, nothing spectacular, but the monsters and the gore looks good surely. Interestingly so this is shoujo! I'm glad we get monster comics like this too. The panels are slightly stuffed, but the humor helps out and lightens everything up. I hope this gets better, but at least this is really new.
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Parham Itan is the first volume of a new series. It follows two high school students who accidentally come upon the reality that we are not alone. That there are things that go "bump" in the night and that something is definitely wrong with their school campus after dark.
It sets up the premise for the rest of the series, but fails to end at spot that is not awkward. With that being said, it does a good job of roping in the reader to get them excited for the next volume(s).
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Parham Itan was a fun, easy read. I enjoyed the premise and characters, and this first volume left me interested to know what would happen next. The artwork is good, as is the balance of images and text. I would definitely read on.
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