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Citizen Canine

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Valerie S, Reviewer

This is just one of the cutest dog books ever. It covers many of the famous dogs from the movies over the last 100 years, devoting a page to each one with excellent photos and descriptions. It just brought back so many wonderful memories for me. I now have 3 dogs after recently adding a little puppy that was a rescue several months ago. I’m a bit of a dog nut I guess you could say, but they bring me so much joy. They are wonderful companions and company as I have been disabled for quite a while, and recently had to give up driving too, because of a medical condition. This book reminds me of all the dogs I loved in the movies through the years when I didn’t happen to have a dog of my own for some reason. I remembered how they could make me laugh and at times even cry, but most of all, they made me want a furry family member once again to share my life. Or, if I did have one when I watched the ones onscreen, I gave mine an extra affectionate hug of appreciation, so glad that they were in my life.

I would recommend this book to most any dog lover. I’m sure you’d enjoy the trip down memory lane to revisit these old favorites too. See how many you remember. I enjoyed the ones I didn’t recall, as well as the ones I did. It’s a quick but fun read, if you go through it all in one sitting or you can just enjoy a few an evening before you go to sleep, and extend the experience. I like to change things up from my true crime binges with delightful books like this now and then. Advance electronic review copy was provided by NetGalley, author Wendy Mitchell, and Lawrence King Publishing.
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