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Cover Image: House of Earth and Blood (EXCERPT)

House of Earth and Blood (EXCERPT)

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Kate (K.R.) C, Reviewer

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Many thanks to Bloomsbury Publishing for tormenting me with only a few Chapters of House of Earth and Blood.

HECK YES! Somehow I didn't realize this was going to be set IN a fantasy world (sue me but the original pitch I read made it sound like it was contemporary), but I'm freaking out on a nuclear level of Def Con 1!! I LOVE Maas' richly twisted and wickedly-wild high fantasy and this FREAKIN' short teaser is not enough for me. I need the book NOW. Even within this addictive snack of a sample, Maas throws down as only she can, proving that Throne of Glass and ACOTAR were not some planet-aligning twist of luck, but the hallmark of powerhouse scribe. As she readies to step into the literary ring once again, voracious Maas fans and newbs alike will no doubt offer a roaring round of applause for House of Earth and Blood. 

How am I supposed to survive until the launch date??

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