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Molly Clarke is just a mom heading home from her son's game during a storm, when her car runs out of gas. She suddenly feels all of her guilt of her life crashing down on her and entertains the idea of walking away from it. Just when she thinks all hope is loss, along comes a kind stranger and his daughter to offer her a ride and a shelter out of the storm. 
Two weeks later, Molly is still missing and her daughter returns to the town to try to locate her mother. Did she leave them? Was she killed or kidnapped? Nicole is desperate to find out, so desperate that she puts herself in danger. 
This story is a fantastic thriller. It keeps you on the edge of your seat from the first page to the last. You definitely won't want to put this book down until you reach the end. Wendy Walker has written a tale that twists and turns, that even the characters don't know who to trust. This story will surprise you and leaving you gasping in shock. 
Thank you to Netgalley and St. Martin's Press for the advanced copy of the book. The opinions are my own.
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Molly Clarke has just driven miles to watch her sons game. He didn't even acknowledge she was there. Maybe her children do hate her and don't want her around. Maybe her husband is having an affair. 
One thi g she does know for certain is she did everything in her power to avoid the accident. It happened anyway. Now her family is in a downward spiral. Everything just may be her fault. Maybe they are better off with her gone.
She truly believes this, until she is taken against her will. No one knows where she is. The conclusion is that she left on her own, running from tragedy.
The truth is much more sinister. Her life and the lives of others are on the line.
Dark, chilling, horrifying!
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Great story.  An unhappy woman stuck in a storm luckily saved.  But was it luck and why?    Molly Clarke has lost a daughter in an accident for which she's responsible.  Her family is in pieces.  None of them care for her anymore.  She still tries to keep it together.  Getting stranded in a storm changes everything.  She is a hostage and it doesn't seem to be an accidental occurrence.  Someone planned this.  The storm just helped it happen.  Now her daughter must find her.  Who can she trust?  The twists are surprising.  The ending unexpected.
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Another great story by this author. 

Did she go missing of her own accord or did she run away from her life and everything she thought she knew?

Molly Clarke goes missing. 
Has she *walked* away leaving her family after a devastating turn of events threw their lives in to turmoil? DId she run from a family that didn't care if she was there? 


Was she taken, gone in the night?

This story is a bit of an emotional ride, and you don't know what will happen.
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I actually really enjoyed this book. I found myself actually sympathizing with the characters and the pain that they went through. I read a lot of thrillers so I guessed the "twist" or mystery early on but still this book had my attention.
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Wow. Wow. Wow. Don’t look for me is a fast paced, heart pounding, gut wrenching, emotional, must read. 
Wendy Walker does not disappoint. The character development was exceptional, I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster. The twists and turns in the story will compel you to read on. The culmination of events that lead the the conclusion of the story are unexpected. The story could easily be turned into a movie! 5 stars.
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Wendy Walker is a terrific writer, and Don’t Look For Me is another page turner!  Molly’s car has run out of gas, just as as she is driving right into a hurricane.  Gas stations and businesses are boarded up for the storm, and Molly is stranded somewhere in northern Connecticut, hours from home. I am a big fan of Ms. Walker! This is a good thriller.  Recommended.  
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Don’t look for me by wendy walker is an enjoyable and quickly read thriller, however if I am giving an honest review, I did not like it as much as Walker’s previous books. The plot, a kidnapping/hostage situation with a loosely fleshed out backstory was not the most original and it was not tricky to identify the “bad guy” early on in the story. There were nods to other, really well done books in this novel as well, like Room by Emma Donoghue in the idea of the child captive making a life and a whole world inside the walls of captive space. That book, however, really masterfully focuses on that inner world and the child’s perspective, whereas this one is straddling worlds - inside the house in captivity, outside in the creepy, decrepit, rundown town, the former lives of the main characters before their lives were torn apart by a tragedy five years ago, and lastly, a plot about another woman from 10 years before that is really the crux of the whole story, but is not given adequate weight until the very end. This is a lot going on and unfortunately none of the plot lines were fleshed out enough or paced well enough in my honest opinion to make me truly connect with any of them. Thank you Net-Galley for the advanced copy, I love the thriller genre even when the story isn't my favorite, I still love to curl up and devour a good novel of suspense.
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Oh, this one was goood!  Nicole is trying to find her mother, Molly, whose car was found abandoned and out of gas.  A note found in a casino hotel room indicates that her mother disappeared for her own reasons and that she has not come to harm.  But Nicole doesn't believe it.  Ever since Nicole sister, Annie died, Molly has been completely, obsessively focused on her family.  There is no way she would just take off.  So what happened to her?  Read it and find out!  You won't regret a minute of it.  Walker is the real deal.
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If you’re a fan of thrillers and domestic suspense novels and have never read a book by @wendywalkerauthor, you are missing out! What sets Wendy apart from so many other authors writing in this genre is her ability to deliver engrossing thrills and twisty mysteries while leaning into complex and deeply emotional characters and stories. Her previous book, THE NIGHT BEFORE, is a maddeningly fun puzzle about a first date gone wrong, but at it’s core is an emotional story of two sisters and the lengths they will go to protect each other.
Her latest, DON’T LOOK FOR ME, is just as good, if not better than TNB...about a young woman investigating her estranged mother’s disappearance in the midst of a family tragedy. I was lucky enough to read an early copy, and let me tell you, the story pulled me in from the first page and kept me captivated all the way through the final heart-pounding chapters. The book is Wendy Walker at her best, and I can’t wait for everyone to check it out when #DontLookForMe is released on SEPTEMBER 15, 2020!!
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I found this book to be an enjoyable read.  Good mystery with some suspense thrown in.  Good solid ending.  This is a book which I would recommend to others.
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I started Don’t Look For Me by Wendy Walker thinking I’d read for an hour and over three hours later I had finished the book. It’s one of those that you start and just can’t stop reading. Wendy did an awesome job with the backstory for the characters and really put down a great foundation for the whole premise.

Molly Clarke’s kids don’t love her, her husband might be having an affair and she knows she is to blame for the accidental, tragic death of her young daughter five years ago. So when Molly ends up missing on a dark and stormy night, it’s totally believable that she gave up on life and did something. Maybe she ran away to start over. That would be understandable. And when a note surfaces saying something to that effect, the police believe she did a “walk away” and left of her own accord.

But Molly’s daughter Nicole senses something is amiss and sets off on uncovering what truly happened to her mother. Though they have gone through some rough times, she knows her mother wouldn’t abandon her and her brother Evan.

And soon we learn that Molly was picked up after running out of gas on the side of the road. A man and his daughter gave Molly a ride to their home where she was offered clean, dry clothes and a warm bed. She was promised that the man would call her family and let them know she was safe. But Molly suspects he didn’t call. And she soon begins to wonder if he is ever going to let Molly out of his house.

With alternating chapters from Nicole and Molly’s point of view, we see what Molly is going through and we witness Nicole’s pursuit of finding her mother and putting her trust in people she shouldn’t.

The tension is tight, the suspense is heart pounding and the author did such a fabulous job writing the book that I wasn’t even mad she made me stay up past my bedtime to read the entire book in one sitting!

What a great suspense this was and you will love it! Due out on September 15th. Something to look forward to!
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Wow! This one left me shaking! I think this will be on everyone’s list.  Very good.  Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher!!
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Classic Wendy Walker!

This one boasts the fast pacing ad twisty goodness that those of us who call ourselves fans have come to love and expect! 

Molly can't forgive herself for the accident that took her daughter's life so when she disappears during a storm on her way home from her son's football game her family is devastated. Then the note surfaces...

Complex, twisty and chilling, this one grabbed me by the throat and didn't let up until I got to the last page!
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I love Walker's books so was delighted to be approved for this one! And wow, I was bowled over by the tension in this novel! Molly feels guilty for accidentally killing her younger daughter in a car accident when Annie ran into the street. So when she disappears in a storm on the way home from her son's football game and later a note surfaces that tells her family "Don't look for me," they are devastated. But her daughter, Nicole feels her own guilt as she had yelled at her mother that morning and told her she hated her. And things don't add up. As Nicole begins her own investigation in this small town, there are many inconsistencies, secrets, lies, and deceptions. Told from alternate perspectives of 3rd person following Nicole and 1st person Molly, we get a harrowing tale of obsession, revenge, and a family suffering from grief. Each chapter ends with the twist that keeps you from putting the book down! And yes, I cried at the end, but redemption is powerfully addictive and even though I was put through the wringer, it was worth the wild ride!
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The horrifying read with Don’t Look for Me kept me riveted through most of the book.
How can a mother disappear in one night? Will all her family give up on her or were any of them involved with her disappearance?
So many people keeping secrets to protect others, but it’s only to protect themselves.
Strong four star winner by Wendy Walker. I can see this as a tv miniseries.
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Molly Clarke disappears when her car runs out of gas in the middle of a terrible storm. Serendipitously, she’s picked up by a kind man and his nine-year old daughter; the daughter bearing a striking resemblance to Molly’s own daughter, who she hit and killed with her own car when the child unexpectedly ran into the street. 

The pair take her to their off the grid home, where Molly is literally held prisoner. She develops a relationship with the man’s daughter. Alice. But the man, Mick, is a strange one; paranoid and moody.

Meanwhile, Nicolle, Molly’s eldest daughter, travels to the small town where Molly disappeared, moves into the only lodging available, and gets involved with the Jared Reyes, the number two man on a two-man police force. 

Initially, Jared and the Chief seem dedicated to finding Molly, especially Jared, who accompanies Nicolle on many of her searches and helps her figure out what might have happened to her mother. 

That’s the general story. But, that’s not the whole story. Things turn dark, dead ends and red herrings that are anything but dead ends and red herrings, pop up, as do some strange characters who appear to have little to do with the story but in fact play crucial roles. Bit by bit, Nicolle and her father, John, with whom she has been in contact while looking for her mother, figure things out. 

Saying more would reveal spoilers. 

I thought this was a good but not great thriller, as a good bit of the story seemed quite contrived. Nonetheless, the character development and Molly’s backstory of horrendous guilt about her daughter’s death and how she processes that, as well as her relationship with Alice is well done. 

I received this book as an ARC from the publisher and NetGalley.
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Wendy Walker delivers yet another incredible five star thriller! I read this book for three straight hours, fell asleep and woke to finish it before I even got out of bed. It’s that compulsive! 

Molly Clarke has endured heartbreak no mother should experience. Is that why she left a note and ran away leaving her old life behind? Or has something more sinister happened to Molly? 

This wild ride is told in alternating point of views between Molly and her daughter who goes searching for her. So many twists and turns! You will be on the edge of your seat the entire time. And what an ending! 

Anyone else pick Alice as their favorite character?
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This is my third Wendy Walker, and I'm a big fan.  Walker knows how to weave a taut tale!  In Don't Look for Me, we meet Molly Clarke, a suburban mother of three, as she drives home from her son's football game.  Molly is distraught and severely depressed.  Her son has just intentionally ignored her at his game.  Her husband may have fallen out of love with her.  And her teenage daughter told her she hated her before she left the house earlier in the day.  Now, still miles from home, she runs out of gas in the middle of a storm of biblical proportions.  She gets out to walk for help and disappears.  Two weeks later she still has not been found, but a note is found at a hotel that makes it look as though she's walked away from her family and her life.  Wracked with guilt, her daughter can't let it go and continues her search in the town where her mother's car was found and discovers a town full of liars and deceit.

Molly's story is heart wrenching and Wendy Walker paints her with great empathy.  There are lots of red herrings thrown into the mix, and a huge twist at the end that I didn't see coming.  This is a fast, intense read that I couldn't put down.  

Thanks to NetGalley and St. Martin's Press for providing a digital ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Review Copy

Wow. Yes, just wow. I was not prepared for this. I've read Wendy Walker before, so I should have I'm telling you hang on, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

The premise: A woman feels unloved by her family and leaves home only to run out of gas and abandon her car. What comes after? Horrendous. Horrifying. Horrible.

From St. Martin's Press coming this fall. Preorder this now.
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