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The Girl with the Whispering Shadow was unfortunately a disappointment. The world is somewhat interesting, but the characters and plot did little to expand and improve upon the already shack groundwork that was laid in the previous entry.

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I have received a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

Actual rating: 4.5

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The Girl with the Whispering Shadow was a great sequel to The crowns of croswald.
This book grabbed my attention firmly. I liked this books so much that I finished it during one sitting. I need to mention how I now want a Special Moonsday Milkshake they were described so good I need one asap! I loved going back to Ivy’s world and seeing her adventures.

This world is probably one of my favorites. I enjoyed learning more about Croswald during this book. I liked how croswald was developed. I hope in the next book we get to learn even more about this world!

The writing in this book was pretty good. The book had a pretty fast pace for me but that was fine. I liked discovering the game “Quogo” it was a great experience. All the characters were written beautifully. The magic was explained good and I understood everything. I do wish there were more class scenes in this book, I particularly enjoyed those. The book started where it left off and ended nicely.

One of my favorite parts of this book/series was the friendships and characters. It was so wholesome and sweet. Ivy’s relationship with Fyn and Rebecca developed greatly and I adored it. I feel as though Ivy could have had more character development. Her character was basically the same as the first book, which was okay but I wish there was more personality. Ivy is also a good role model for young children. She is a likable protagonist, she is brave and takes on challenges, people of all ages can love her, etc.

This was a nice sequel to the first book. I preferred this to the first. I would for sure recommend this book/series to anyone. There is magic, adventure, great characters in this book. If you are looking for any of that and much more definitely think about reading this series.

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I liked this book so much more than the first one because it gave room for characters to grow. Ivy is growing into her own power and as a person, as well as her friends. The world was also expanded with characters travelling to new places and meeting new characters. The villain and her freaky entourage was both adequately scary and fascinating. The writing and character growth really tied this book in a nice little bow. Looking forward to see what happens next.

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I liked this book so much more than the first book. And I don’t know why, to be honest. I think it was because I knew the characters better and I understood the plot better.

In this book Ivy needs to protect Croswald from the Dark Queen. After the Dark Queen came to the ball, Ivy isn’t safe anymore. She has to find the other two pieces of the Kindred Stone, before the Queen finds them. You follow Ivy in a series of magical events, fighting the Queen throughout the book, and you see the friendships growing with every page.

You see Ivy grow from a shy, poor maid to a rightful Queen. It’s beautiful to see how she accepts her faith and makes the best of it. And it’s amazing how her friends help her achieve her goals and keep her motivated. Also, the relationship between Ivy and Winsome Monocle is beautiful, and it was great to see how he helped her trough tough times.

Overall, I liked this book much more than the first one. And if you like magical school, with a unique magic system, this is a book for you. It was categorized as a middle-grade book, but I think readers of all ages can love this book.

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This is the second book of a series to the number of books I don't know the amount of but I know there's 3 so far. I received this one from Netgalley and the publisher in return for a review.

We follow where we picked up directly after the first book and I like books that have done that so we have somewhat of a clear timeline but other than that there isn't a very well kept timeline.

I said in the last book review for this series that we need more Harry Potter themed books to get attention but some of the themes in this book sound like they were taken directly from Harry Potter or books like it and maybe we have to look over that or just use them as comparisons to who did the theme better.

I loved the first chapter art and I thought we were going to get more art like that and I got excited and then we went right back to the regular chapter art and I was less impressed but still very pretty to look at.

This one felt more like Ivy was rushed into doing things and it was a lot of the quill sport and you lose my attention at sports at all and I get disinterested. They hit me with a good little found family troupe though so I will give them that.

Honestly, the fact that nothing of importance with the stone happened until we were 70% in the book is a large reason this book does not have a higher rating from me. I understand that it's a middle-grade series but getting more done quickly would have been satisfying to me.

I'll be continuing the series, I love to support smaller publishing houses and authors so when I get the chance to sit down and buy the series on Kindle the whole series will be bought.

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“‘Fyn,’ said Ivy.
‘Ivy,’ said Rebecca.
‘Yes, we all know each other’s names here.’”

**Thank you to NetGalley, the author, and the publisher for a free copy in exchange for an honest review!**

first 40% of the book: 3 stars
last 60% of the book: 4 stars
total rating: 3.6 stars, rounded up to 4 stars!

While I did really enjoy the first book in this series, I also felt like it was pretty slow-moving, and that it didn’t seem that different from a typical “chosen one” story. I liked this book a lot better; the time at school was so much fun to read, and the plot was really exciting to follow along with.

This book was a lot faster-paced than the first one, but the first 40% of the book takes place over the Summer and just felt so slow-moving. I love the magic school setting, so I had a hard time paying attention when Ivy was spending time at Fyn’s house and thinking that she wasn’t going back to school.

I loved Ivy’s second year at school, as she came to terms with the high stakes in the magic world around the fact that she’s the next Queen. My favorite part of these books are the characters: I had so much fun reading more about Ivy and Fyn’s slow-burn friendship / romance, and her friendship with Rebecca, as well as the possible love triangle between Ivy, Fyn and Glistle. Most of all, I loved Fyn’s secret society!

As with the first book, the characters felt much younger than they were, and I feel like the plot moved a bit slower than I would have liked. Overall, I enjoyed it even more than the first book, and I am looking forward to reading the third book! This is definitely great fantasy series for Middle Grade readers!

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The Girl with the Whispering Shadow is the second book in The Crowns of Croswald series and picks up right where book one left off . . .

After having dealt with the Dark Queen at the ball and finding her family’s scrivenist - Derwin Edgard Knight, Ivy Lovely is swept off to the hidden town of Belzebuthe where she will continue her scrivenist/magic studies safely out of the Dark Queen’s reach.

However things do not go exactly as planned and Ivy ends back again at the Halls of Ivy on another adventure with her friends, her adorable scaldron Humboldt and a sinister shadow that seems to be following her.

I absolutely loved this book - the story is so whimsical and has this cozy vibe that makes you feel like you’re reading a fairytale. The characters are all lovable and I enjoyed getting to know each of them { I completely ship Ivy and Fyn } and meeting all the new ones that were introduced - I especially liked learning a bit more about Ivy’s scrivenist Derwin Edgar Night and hope to get even more info on him in the third book.

The Girl with the Whispering Shadow is a fantastic read filled with magic and mystery. I’ll definitively be reading book three and recommend that you add it along with book 1 to your TBR list - because you can never have too many books right?

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This is the second book in thr series and I'm thankful to NetGalley and the authors Publicist for an eARC in exchange for an honest review.

The story continues with Ivy leaving for a quest and also confronting the Dark Queen. Friendships were tested but emerged stronger.

The plot was good but I do wish there was more of the Dark Queen. Well paced. I loved the characters. Belzebuthe is amazing and Quogo is so much better than Quidditch. I really wanted to be a part of this fascinating, magical world. Overall an interesting read.
Usually the second in the series are not so great or are slow and just feel dragged, but this was very well written and made me finish it in one sitting. Can't wait to read the next in the series.

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The second book in this series follows directly the events of the first book. Ivy is set up to once again find a stone, but this time she gets the help of Derwin Edgar Night, a character that has grown on me. Call me weak, but yeah, I am weak for mentor figures. That, and for people whose memories are a bit misty and so it makes it harder for them to help, which is also the case of Night. But he does remember this town, whose name should stay a secret. The small town setting then really came to live, which is complete with a tour through the town and Ivy even having a summer job there for a short time. It is really interesting to read about how the magic works in this world, it never felt all over the place. On the contrary, it felt really planned out and I trusted the author with giving me information that was needed for the story to go further. What you see in most fantasy stories, is unfortunately, oversharing, which makes it as a reader hard to remember what is important and what isn’t. especially for me, since my memory sucks.

But it is as if this book and the author knew my memory does suck and so the book was only filled with information that turned out to be important. This doesn’t make the world building suffer, it only makes it better to understand and especially for people who are new to this genre!

The characters are once again a soft spot. Ivy learns from her mistakes, which is nice to read about, and wonders if what she is doing is right. Her struggle on page is only understandable and takes you as the reader on a journey that makes you wonder if you would have done the same. For the Dark Queen, her character still felt a bit flat for my liking, but slowly we get to know her better. There are more characters introduced, like students, and the adding of the club setting was really sweet to read about since it is a great way to explore how deep friendships can go. Or romance, which is really a slow burn and I’m also weak for those. The club setting also gave a more insight on how the magic works and because it came back multiple times, the book is great at reminding you how and why things work there.

The pacing of the story was a bit slower due all the set up that was done and made me sometimes wonder when the actions came. There were a few short-actioned moments, but overall they were set up for the last few pages, in which things went down for sure.

Overall, it is easy read, especially for people who want to read more fantasy but feel intimidated by it. I loved the mystery aspect of it as well, which had me guessing many times, as well as the magic system which we got to know more of, and even some more magical beasts. At the end, it is a sweet book about magic and friendship, two things I love to read about!

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I will admit that I wasn’t in love with the first book in the series; mainly because I found myself making comparisons to other magical novels. Book two... it stands out in such an amazing, captivating way that I do not understand why everyone isn’t reading or talking about it!!

Ivy Lovely is our heroine and she is such a perfect main character, growing into her own and you really can’t help but love her. Our supporting characters can’t be forgotten either and I seriously adore them all for one reason or another. The Dark Queen is at times actually scary, along with her freaky entourage.

Once I hit that last 25% I just couldn’t draw myself away. I’m actually so excited about this book that I’m writing this review rather than getting some very much needed sleep. But I don’t want to give anything away, so just start on this series stat!!!

Thanks so much to Netgalley for providing a copy of this book for my honest and unbiased opinion.

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wow. I loved this book, dare I say, more than the first one. This one gets darker as the story continues. Instead of summarizing the girl with the whispering shadow, I'll just share my review this way. First, what I found interesting was how the first book ended with Belzebuthe and the first line of the prologue in the second books started with Belzebuthe (you need to read it to know what I mean). The mysterious girl made me thinking about her identity throughout the book. The way Ivy takes care of her friends and everyone else was what touched mt heart. The scrivinist, Night, his care and devotion towards his royal family (read it, read it) brought tears to my eyes. I am so much amazed and mesmerized with the new terms, words and terminologies that the author came up with in the girl with the whispering shadow. I hadn't forgotten the way hollow shaft affected me and winsome and all and here in second book I found more heart-gripping scenes and places. I was suspicious of each and every character and I was scared for Ivy's safety (uhh God how scared I was and how it caught my breath). When Ivy got the letter (again I'll say you need to read the book to know what I am talking about), I was both happy and scared for her. I have started to love the characters more than ever. Scriven this is my favorite one as it keeps us informed (if u know what mean). ohh and that black quill gave me a really creeps. And it was a surprise where Ivy stayed in the belzebuthe (shhh.. secret). Glistle really annoyed me though lolz. Loved Gretta. She is really a strong girl. I so so want Ivy and Gretta to be friends (Rebecca sorry, nobody can replace u). The starguster, star fishing and star casting made me go like yaaaaaaayyyy. I loved these more than the Quogo game (again read it, read it). I feel like I missed Winsome and felt sad about him more than Ivy did. The mettelers were so cool. ugh and I feel that Demaris is never going to be good, wait until she gets to know the truth (lolx). Invisitaurs! how can I forget Invisitaurs. I loved them. Please I want them too. Star solo is my most favorite. I liked Occulyst. I feel so so sad and I am Grieving for the events that took place along with the srivinist, Night's problem (if u have read it, then you know what I am talking about). Tearfully, I am stating this series is so so close to my heart and the author D. E. Night has done wonderful job. She is genius. 5 stars from my side (I would give more stars if there were any). looking forward to the third book now

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I just finished the second book of the trilogy. Really, I cannot recommend these books enough. The story continues with the main character, Ivy, leaving for a quest and her confronting the Dark Queen again.

The book has action, suspense, adventure, humour, strong relationships between the characters and the plot reveals a lot cues of the past of the heroine. Generally, you feel the characters grow the further you read the story which is something that I admire and value in books.

The second book did not let me down a bit in all its length. On the contrary, it maintains a pace in sharing events and information that makes you want to fly through pages! Can’t wait to see what other adventures D.E.Night has for us in book 3!

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Right after the first book's crazy ending, we pick up Ivy's story right where we left off and her story gets even more interesting as the 2nd book progresses. I love the world of Croswald and am so thankful that I was approved for all 3 books so I didn't have to wait to continue Ivy's story and her battle against the Dark Queen. I love that we can start to see the hints of a romantic relationship for her and that her confidence in herself starts to grow as the story progresses. Her friendships become even stronger as they are tested further by the Dark Queen. This story truly draws readers in from page 1 and keeps them there. Readers won't be able to put the book down and will be itching to get their hands on each book in the series. Great read and I can't wait to rejoin Ivy's story in the 3rd book!

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General Review:
The book holds more weight and seriousness in comparison to the first book. While the first one took a whimsical tone to it, the sequel had the richness of magic.

Character Development:
Let's start with the things that are lacking, first.
It is my personal view that Ivy Lovely did not change much from her brash self. From having to jeopardise herself and her friends' lives, she should have grown into a much more responsible character. I find it lacking in the sense that Ivy could have used clever methods to save Croswald.

Plot Development:
This is something that made me give this book a 5/5.
I love how the author made such a clever twist to explain something so small from the first book's climax. Though small, it made a huge difference. While Ivy Lovely may lack the enthusiasm required for the book, I find the author worked creatively with her other characters like Gretta Leelangraf.
Like the first book, there were moments where I was spooked for real. Its quite rare that you get spooked when reading a middle grade fantasy.

World Building:
I loved Belzebuthe. I have officially replaced Hogsmeade with Belzebuthe as my new favourite fictional town. Oh the little whimsical things and the people!
I also loved Quogo so much in the sense that unlike quidditch, this game actually has a purpose to the plot of the story and its such an interesting game among the scrivenists. It almost feels more practical to imagine that scrivenists will fanatically play something like Quogo.
The author also introduced some more magical creatures in this sequel. My favourite creatures of Croswald will be the Invisitaurs and their cheeky attitude. But deep down, I just wanna visit the Occulyst's owl vault! Wild imagination, the author has.

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Ok but this second book in the series was everything and more! If I didn’t have to work, it would not have taken me a week to finish! Gosh, it was soooo good! First off, Belzebuthe sounds amazing and I NEED to go there! Especially to see the stars. I loved when Ivy and Fyn were on the roof, they are adorable and I am totally rooting for them. I also NEED to go star fishing and make a wish! “We just have to see the stars inside us.” YES WE DO. Also, I may or may not have dropped my jaw when the title made sense.... (Internally screaming!!!!) I was STOKED to read about the Occulyst and the owls, because owls are my favorite animal - DUH. I probably would have cried if I had the opportunity to go there lol. Ivy’s friendship with Rebecca reminded me a lot of how I feel with this awesome book community, you all are so supportive and I appreciate it so much! And to see Ivy’s character develop even more, I am so here for it! I can’t wait to read the third book.

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I received a copy of this book from the author’s publicist in exchange for an honest review. I have already read and reviewed the first book in “The Crowns of Croswald” series, so I was really excited to see what happens next.

For multiple reasons, I liked the 2nd book better than the 1st one. Maybe because of the entire world, characters and because of the way the plot developed from where the first book left off. The world, and entire story overall, clearly becomes more intense and the world system and magical system were explained better in the second book. But, I would have liked more details about those two, so I expect that from the 3rd book in the series.

Let’s talk about the writing style in the book and about the choice of words during the narrative. The writing style is beautiful, hands down, enchanting, words chosen wisely to describe the world and events that help building it up throughout the book. Even as it’s a middle grade book, the writing style is beautiful and it didn’t feel too childish, especially compared to the first book. The 2nd book has a more serious writing style and overall tone. So more mature readers will also like and enjoy the book.

This entire series sends Harry Potter vibes in a good way and I am sure all Harry Potter fans will love this one. There are a lot of similarities to the HP world overall. The magical creatures were by far my favourites. And the magic system, the school, the characters build up a beautiful world for all ages, not only for middle graders. I really enjoyed it, especially the world building and the way the characters developed throughout the book, taking shape with their good and bad characteristics.

I really appreciated the character development of the main character and the fact that friendship is seen as a core value in the book and in the characters interactions. I feel like this book series should have been released earlier. It’s a great series, I personally really enjoyed it, but I wish I would have had the chance to read it when I was younger. I am curious where the story is heading now, as I finished the 2nd book.

In conclusion, “The Girl with the Whispering Shadow” is a great read. The narrative keeps the reader’s attention focused on the story and where it’s heading to. The magical system is interesting and all the events that happen throughout the book keep the world entertaining to the reader. I recommend this book to all magic lovers and I also believe all Harry Potter fans should give it a try. Because I am sure they will enjoy it.

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It is not often I see a book that has the sequel be just as good as the first book. This blew my expectation out of the water it was brilliant. full of adventure while also giving us humour, laughs and shock as we fear for lives. It was a whirlwind of emotion reading this novel. I am so invested in Ivy that any danger happens I am trying not to read ahead to make sure she is ok.
We got to see the little quogo club the students have going and how this can be dangerous. There is also more delving into the lore of this world. I love love reading about all the different creatures and as ever I adore dear little Humboldt.
I think this book is brilliant especially for young girls to have a strong adventurous role model. It is brilliant that Ivy is not always sure of herself and her actions. She often needs reassurance form those around her like so many young people today. D.E. Night write so beautifully a deep world rich in adventure and creatures.

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The second book to an amazing series. This book is hands down a great book that I couldn't put down, I will definitely be buying this series for my son. Everyone could use a great escape and this is that perfect escape.
D.E. Night did a phenomenal job writing this story and putting us into another sought out world we didn't know we needed.

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Ivy’s adventure continues and it did not disappoint. Many times the second book has the”second book syndrome" and really not worth much but it is not the case with The Girl with the Whispering Shadow. The story continues with Ivy trying to find the pieces of the Kindred Stone and her rightful place as Queen. During this book you get to see a new part of the magical world, a hidden town, and a magic quill duel game called Quogo.

I was provided with an electronic ARC through NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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A high 3, whereas the 1st book was just a very steady, middle of the road 3. The concerns I had about Crowns of Croswald, mainly characterization and development, did definitely improve with the sequel! Ivy grew a lot, and we got to see her friends and their relationships develop too. I have a better idea of who Ivy is and who she could be. We also learn a lot more about the history of Croswald and the Dark Queen, which I liked. However, this time around it was the plot that suffered. While there were fun and sweet scenes or chapters like the Quogo matches and fishing for stars, for the most part I wasn’t very engaged with the plot. It moved really slow in terms of the big idea (finding the other part of the kindred stone and more about the Dark Queen, who let her into the Halls, etc.) and there seemed to be a lot of filler-y sub-plots. This book takes place over the course of a full school year, yet Ivy barely makes any progress on her task and the plot and action don’t speed up until maybe 65%-75% through the book. That last quarter or so I devoured! Additionally I loved learning about Derwin. However, a big part of Ivy bring back at the school and finding the Stone is the memory glanagerie, and we basically see the first and last glanagerie sessions. The pacing and balance of the plot was the weakest part o the book for sure. Showing Characterization, development, and relationships can happen alongside plot development, and if in separate scenes, they can still be better balanced.

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