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Ink & Sigil

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Ink & Sigil builds upon the world Hearne built in the Iron Druid Chronicles and shifts from modern urban mythology to urban fantasy with a mystery twist. Al MacBharrais is the ultimate ink (and pen) geek who runs a print shop with the aid of an amazing and uniquely skilled manager, Nadia. But it is his mastery of magically enchanted inks and sigils which provide the interest to this particular story. Primarily he writes binding contracts for the Fae and other gods visiting Earth. 

However, dealing with the other planes is never simple, especially when dealing with the Fae. 
MacBarris suffers from a curse that has taken his relationship with his son, friends, and now seven of his apprentices. He's found ingenious ways to work within the limits of his curse, and push text-to-speech apps through their paces. As MacBarris solves the mysterious demise of his recent apprentice (raisins *are* evil), he also must avoid having all his secrets revealed to the mundane world. Combines with allies established, wary, and new. In the process he uncovers a plot that would have changed the Fae forever. 

Hearne has once again built a rich world, the characters are able to enjoy themselves (even when they're getting their asses kicked), and the wordplay is rambunctious. I look forward to seeing where this series goes next.

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