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I loved this book so much and flew right through it! I loved our main character Reya Kandhari she is strong, dependent, and is willing to do anything for the people she loves. I love the story and how the Rebels stood up for what was right and never gave up even when they were outnumbered. I do wish there was more action dealing with the magic system. Can we talk about the shock factor that the prince also having magic?? This book has very few flaws and I loved the ending with Reya reuniting with her mother. I would love if there was a sequal to this book.
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Magic and danger had always been a part of Reya Kandhari. She was once told we all leave something behind when we die  Reya works in the fields harvesting mangos. There is talk of a raid searching for those with magic and the renegades helping them.reya denys to her father ,the book weaver there is danger lurking nearby until it's too late.
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I'll start this review by commending Kannan, as she wrote this story in high school, not many people manage that! I hope Kannan continues writing. 

But, at the same time, that is the most noticeable flaw with the book. It's rushed, not very fleshed out and I found it hard to connect with the characters as things and conversations happen in a blur. First out main character Reya is picking mangoes, next she and a friend is on the run from the crown prince, next they are brought to the palace... It's just an endless chain of: "first this happened, and then this, and also this...!", which does not make for an interesting story or strong character building. I also feel like the world building is lacking, in the sense there not being much to it. I don't care why there was a rebellion as nothing previously in the story or the character arcs have told me why this is relevant to the story. Why are bookweavers important? I don't know. It's not very clearly laid out - maybe the story could have been better had this been established early on in a prologue or something to make the readers care more?  

Not a book for me.
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This is a beautiful, pacy, magical novel that brings close to home a rich and vibrant ancestral folklore, linking generations in an exciting story of life stories woven together and enlivened by powerful female characters. The setting and backdrop are painted in words as the environment for harsh political and power struggles..
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The Bookweaver's Daughter by Malavika Kannan


Thank you to Tanglewood Publishing for an advanced e-ARC of this book.

The Bookweaver's Daughter is a wonderful, magical story set in Kasmira - an ancient fantasy world heavily influenced by Indian culture and history. 

We meet Reya, our young protagonist, who must go on a journey to discover her future and her fate. Interweaving magical elements with intriguing folklore and strong world building creates a plot that is easy to follow and that you're invested in. The characters are strong if not a little juvenile sometimes (it's sometimes difficult to ascertain whether this book is YA or middle-school aimed) - it's good to see strong female friendships centre stage. 

Definitely worth a read.
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The author has a good voice and a talent for storytelling. I was impressed with the imaginative world-building and overall plot of the book. However, there were occasional uses of certain words or phrases that jolted me out of the story because they didn't seem to mesh well with the setting or feel of the story. I also didn't connect with the characters in a way I usually look for in a great story. I really didn't care about the main character or her journey like I should have.

Overall, this was an entertaining, light read, if not slightly juvenile. It seemed to have more of a middle grade feel than young adult, aside from the characters ages.
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This book wasn't for me. I wasn't a fan of the writing style and I just wasn't a fan of the story. Fantasy is usually a hit or miss for me and this was a miss. The story did seem good for someone who enjoys high fantasy and is short enough to be read in a day.
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This book was a very interesting read and I enjoyed every minute of it! The cover caught my eye right away, the blurb pushed me forward, and I fell right into the story, not resurfacing until I finished the last page! What fantastic worldbuilding the author managed to bring to life, and I say from experience that is not an easy thing to do, and to do well. The characters themselves were fully fleshed out and absolutely a delight to get to know!
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<I>*Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review *</i>

A vivid piece of strorytelling, the Bookweaver's daughter follows Reya, daughter of a powerful mage, on her journey through the fictional kingdom of Kasmir, where mages hunted. 

This was an enjoyable, light read, albeit a bit predictable and a little juvenile in parts (although I will accredit that to the author's age). 

This book seems like it tries to be profound in parts for the sake of being profound, and no other reason, and the writing seemed a little overly descriptive. 

I definitely also would have liked to see a bit more world-building!
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What a fantastic book I sat and read it this afternoon it is brilliant, so descriptive the characters are really believable. 5 stars. I will be buying this when it comes out.
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I would have loved to have reviewed this book but could not as it was not in kindle format. However, I look forward to revisiting it upon release!
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Set in the ancient Indian kingdom of Kashmira, we meet Reya, the Bookweaver's daughter, forced to keep her true identity a secret from everyone in her life. 

Kannan's writing is so powerful that you feel yourself immediately transported to Kashmira, cheering Reya on every step of the way. 

This book is full of magic and many twists and turns. Once I picked up this book, I couldn't stop reading, it was so engaging. I was sad when this book ended as I felt as though I had been on a full journey with Reya and wanted to see what was next for her; I hope that Kannan expands this book into a series, possibly exploring the lives of the other yogis and mages.
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The writing in this book was absolutely beautiful. I really appreciated the opportunity to read an #ownvoices novel featuring Indian characters and traditions, as this is something I know little about. The story was interesting and beautiful and I enjoyed immersing myself in it.
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