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The author has found, and saved, children in every book she’s written that I’ve read. Evangeline, Hazel, Olive, and Mathinna represent the women I most like to know about. In other words, a wronged governess, a folk midwife/herbalist, a tough criminal (with heart of gold) and coming-of-age aboriginal girl live and survive in my favorite literary country, Australia/Tasmania. But wait, plot twist a third of the way through…and Ruby arrives. I would recommend this title to anyone with a heart and an interest in little known historical injustices brought to life.

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Orphan Train changed my life, I also enjoyed her other books.

Searching for a book to read during quarantine, saw this - had to read!

I got to travel back to 1840...
got to meet:
* Evangeline - accused of a crime she did not commit;
changing her and turning her life in a complete new direction
* Mathinna - a collection masterpiece for someone's museum of native artifacts,
-to further study native life in Australia
*Hazel - a young woman with a knowledge before her time and years
--then and now called "Old Wives' Tales" for using garlic, vinegar, such.
She used arnica for pain!!

I got completely invested in this story, I felt for the characters, I had to keep reading to the last word.

Another good read!!

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I have read books before about the transport of convicts to penal colonies in Australia. Interesting take on the women who were transported in this new book. I enjoyed Orphan Train by this author, this new book by author is just as well done. For a quick historical read, this met my expectations.

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