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Under Shifting Stars

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A beautiful take on grief and coming to terms with who you are. It's a tale of growth, self-exploration, and packs an emotional punch for readers .

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I loved this book so much. It was about grief, identity, self-discovery, and finding ones place in the world in the midst of it all. The characters each had their own unique voice that really came through on every page, and it was a really heartfelt reading experience.

Looking forward to more from this author in the future!

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I really appreciated what Alexandra Latos did with this book in regards to representation. I cannot speak to the accuracy of any of these representations, but the story featured a neurodiverse main character, a gender fluid character, and a character interested in said gender fluid character, on top of dealing with topics of IVF and grief/trauma. There was a lot happening in this book and at times the topics got a little heavy. However, I think that they're a great way to build connections with young people who might be going through similar things and are unsure of how to talk about them. I will say, however, that there was one aspect of the book that was a little off putting for me. One of the main characters discovers a series of videos on her deceased brother's phone that the brother had taken during various sexual encounters with his girlfriend. All characters involved were under the age of 18 which adds to the inappropriateness of these videos, but the videos are described in detail, which is not something I would want to include in a book in my classroom library. If you are looking at this for personal use and don't mind that, then I would recommend giving this book a chance.

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