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Invisible Girl

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Stefanie P, Reviewer

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The cliche "could not put this book down" gets thrown around a lot in reviews, but I...literally could not put this book down and finished it in less than 24 hours.  I devoured this book with the same breakneck pace in which the plot unfurled.  Often thrillers make a trade between characterization versus pacing, but I felt this novel kept a perfect balance of making the characters intriguing enough to be invested in without sacrificing pacing.  The generosity and humanity with which she depicts characters many would find unlikeable/unrelatable is compelling as we watch the characters grapple over the control of their own growth/healing.  The exploration of toxic masculinity was fascinating as this novel shows us that hatred of women is hidden behind many different masks.  

**I received this ARC in exchange for a fair and unbiased review**

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