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This is a quick, fun read about a youth services librarian falling for the local sheriff.  A romance and mystery mash up in her Little Island Bridge series. You do not need to read them in order. The stories stand on their own.
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DNF at 23%

I don’t want to have to force myself to continue reading thistle when it already feels like a drag. The third person narration of both the male and female protagonists belittles their thoughts and emotions. Additionally, the tone is trite. And, yes, many romances are purposefully light of tone, but this one is vapid.
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What a charming, light romance by the author of The Princess Diaries, set on Little Bridge,  a small island in the Florida Keys. Molly is the new children’s librarian. She took the job to escape a broken engagement back in Colorado. During a storytime, Molly discovers an abandoned newborn which leads to her meeting the town’s gorgeous sheriff.

John, Little Bridge’s straight edge sheriff, finds himself drawn to Molly despite her messy desk and desire to help him solve the case.

John’s teenage daughter, Katie and Mrs. Tifton, an elderly benefactor of local charities, add in some charmingly goofy and lighthearted moments.

Meg Cabot did her research about what it’s like to work in a library. Although I’m glad that I’ve never discovered an abandoned baby. Or had a story time dad with bourbon in his coffee.

Perfect gentle read or beach read.

Thank you to NetGalley and William Morrow Paperbacks for the DRC.
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I grew up loving Meg Cabot's books and, as an adult, still deeply enjoy them. This book was no exception. No Offense is a light and compelling romance that takes small-town romance books and turns them on their head in intriguing and sometimes hilarious ways.
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Thank you netgalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
This was a clean, quirky romance with older adults.i liked Molly's can-do attitude and the sheriff's serious but caring persona. I was intrigued by the mystery of baby Aphrodite and enjoyed the ending. Nothing sexually sizzling about this novel but a sweet, southern tale with a modern twist.
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Such a sweet story! A cozy mystery about a librarian who finds love while figuring out who done it. You had me when they main character was a librarian. This was just the kind of book I needed right now.
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I loved this. It's a very light, fun summer read. I really felt seen as a librarian though Molly Montgomery. Recommended,
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I'm honestly disappointed in this series. I was the perfect candidate for this book, and I got intensely, intensely bored. The writing seems quick -  like Meg rushed this out. Also, the male lead acts like a middle-aged man. Not here for it.
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Meg Cabot wrote a cozy mystery! A fun, light, quick read with plenty of romance. I loved that the heroine is a children's librarian at a public library (although I hope they settle on just one job title for her in the finished copy; "media specialist" should not be it).

*Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing an e-galley in exchange for an honest review.
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I'm not entirely sure how to review this title!
On the one hand, I was very excited to get it. A romcom about a librarian? Written by the Princess Diaries author? Sign me right on up and I read it in 2 days.
But on the other, it was merely okay. She definitely talked to some librarians and I was able to relate to the occasional hijinks that can happen in a library (although thankfully not the finding-a-baby bit). I don't think I got a great feel for the characters and the romance was kind of tepid. 
It would make a nice beach read and was a nice enough little distraction from the ongoing pandemic, so I'd give it a solid 4 stars.
My library will definitely be purchasing it and I have a feeling it might be recommended to me as a librarian more than I give it as a recommendation.
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