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Debbie O, Reviewer

I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I love discovering new authors and this book surprised me in a good way. This story revolves around a family who find themselves questioning their value, their purpose and the missed opportunities as they assess their lives.

Tom is a professor who is in the process of writing a novel that he is seeking feedback from his peers so he can be in the good graces of the school's new president. He is aware that the president does not like him and it could impact his tenure. The feedback he receives requires him to compromise the content which would alter his point of view. He is beginning to feel resentment but doesn't have the courage to stand up for his beliefs. His wife, Hannah, wants to finish law school as their kids are older and she is feeling as if she has not lived up to her potential and she, too, is feeling resentment.

Tom and Hannah can't seem to communicate what they need or what is important to them so their relationship begins to suffer. Their kids are having their own crisis which adds another layer of pressure for both of them. Tom receives news about his father, who he has not spoken to in 20 years, but knows he must see him. This reunion ends up being a salve to the many issues that plague Tom and his family.

The characters in this story were easy to connect with and the author did a great job making them so likable in the process. The ending was perfect and provided the perfect moment of healing with imperfect characters. I loved this.
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