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Anne W, Librarian

This is the perfect book for this time in quarantine from Covid-19.. It's of-the-moment issues will make you want to order the book that Tom has written, which is very critical of Donald Trump. Tom, a professor of philosophy at a Maine university, is trying to be true to himself while battling with a closed-minded college president. His students love him, but he runs into difficulty with the administrator over his popular weekly blog and his anti-Trump sentiments that are not popular with the university's largest donor. What could be more contemporary.

Written in alternating chapters by Tom and his wife Hannah, you see a marriage in trouble because of a lack in openness and communication. There is also the alienation between Tom and his father that has kept them from speaking for 30 decades.

Tom and Hannah have two teen age children who are dealing with coming out for one and drinking and hanging out for the other. Hannah's decision to attend law school and move, with her children, to Boston, creates more problems. Tom decides to see his father, who is dying of cancer.

How Tom becomes more introspective and communicative as a result of this bears the story along to its conclusion. It's amusing, entertaining, and fun to read while social distancing.
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