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Dying on the Vine

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Anja S, Reviewer

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I've read many Ann Roberts books, but this was my first "Ari Adams Mystery." It definitely won't be my last.
What is planned as a first time trip to Oregon wine country and a bit of pre-wedding venue scoping, turns into an intense investigation of murder and wine-driven mystery, with lots of twists and turns. There is an excellent ensemble cast of characters, all of whom are nuanced, fully drawn, and intriguing. It's hard to say which is more interesting - the cast of characters and their relationships, the swift pace of the investigation, or the details of the art and science of winemaking. The relationships portrayed are genuinely adult and therefore complex and engaging. The culture around vineyards and winemaking is a passionate one and that passion is reflected in the characters and situations in the book. Highly recommended. I look forward to starting with the very first Ari Adams mystery and finding out everything I've missed.

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