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This was so so much fun.  Maelyn Jones has about a million cute nicknames, as well as a pretty great family that included her parent's friends and their kids.  Mae begs the universe to show her what will make her happy after leaving the cabin for what she thought would be the last time.  Cue Groundhog Day meets Landline by Rainbow Rowell and you have this addictively sweet journey through a few days over Christmas.  Mae works hard to follow what will make her happy, something we could all learn from her!
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A fun holiday feel good rom-com delivered once again by Christina Lauren that is centered around family. As the book starts I thought I knew where it was headed but I was way off and surprised. Imagine Groundhog Day coming to a Park City, UT family tradition at Christmas time. The feels were sticky sweet and the family members were amazing as we would come to expect.

When Maelyn Jones and her family arrive for the holidays they can't believe that the beloved cabin is going to be sold and new memories will need to be made somewhere else. This is the cabin where Mae has spent every holiday since she was born. As the festivities come to a close, they are heading back to the airport Mae has a simple wish ... to show her what will make her happy and fulfilled. When a car accident happens on the way back, Mae wakes up to find that she is on the airplane again headed to Utah for Christmas -- is this a time-loop or maybe a second-chance? Do it till you get it right? Why is this happening? Mae soon realizes it's not deja-vu and that she is given another chance to do what she wants and make changes. You can really see how really close everyone is with each other and why Mae takes a while to sort through her true feelings about one of the other family's sons. Love, laughter, and a great family are all packed in for fun holiday spirit!

It is great that there is also a side plot on saving the Christmas family vacation cabin. A perfect book for the holidays in a Hallmark kind of way that will delight many!
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What is your favorite holiday book? 

I don’t need to look any further because this is it for me. I was completely sold when I heard my favorite duo was making a holiday book... and boy did they deliver.

I love that it’s June as I read this book and I have Christmas vibes. This book is riddled with everything special about the holidays. The cold days cozying up next to a fire, the mistletoe you use as an excuse to steal a kiss, and the smell of pine trees surrounding your nose. The close-knit friend group that is basically family had my heart. From the snow building contest to the fun games they play every year, I wanted so badly to be a part of this crazy bunch.

I was intrigued by the synopsis, completely enamored by the first chapter, and fell deeper in love with every passing page. Mae was amazing throughout this book. I enjoyed her journey as she found something new to appreciate with each repeat and the way she changed up the mundane and the traditions with something more meaningful and unique. I love how this is more of a journey for Mae finding herself rather than a love story for Mae, but don’t get me wrong the love story was full of swoon and gave me all the butterflies. She gets to experience the second chance and have the opportunity to right wrongs, but the main message is to live in the present and to be true to yourself. Do things now and take advantage of things that give you the opportunity to enjoy your life because life is way too short.

This book was really sweet. Christina Lauren took a cliche plot and intertwined their unique twist on it. I hated putting this book down. I would literally sneak away at work just to read a couple of paragraphs. This book made me feel the love and kept me giggling like a little girl, speckled with tension filled moments that made me swoon, and kept me smiling from ear to ear. Can I please keep Benny? He is amazing. I love that this weed loving, nomad millionaire is Mae’s guide on how to navigate her way through this weird time loop. 

My only qualm about this was the ending. It was a little too sweet for my taste but this is a holiday book which is supposed to bring joy and cheer and give the ever oh so sweet happily ever after ending. I loved this book and I cannot wait till I can read it again closer to Christmas maybe with some jam and applesauce on my blintzes or just maybe with a cocktail on my porch.

Thank you to NetGalley and Gallery Books for this ARC and to Christina Lauren for my new favorite holiday book
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as the last two ChLo books have been a bit of a disappointment in my opinion, Im so glad that I still read everything she releases. This was just like a Christmas hallmark movie and I loved it!
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I love the concept of this book! It was so fun and I loved all of the extended family. When I started it, I thought it would go one way, but then it went the opposite! This is a perfect book for the holidays.
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This book had such a fun holiday feel! This was your typical holiday romance that centers around family. Throughout the book the characters do bunch of fun snow activities throughout. There is time travel in the book, so if that is something that you don't prefer keep that in mind! I'm so excited for this book to release this holiday season! 

Thanks to Gallery Books & NetGalley
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A big thank you to Netgalley for allowing me to read an advanced reader's edition of Christina Lauren's new holiday book.  Mae loves the yearly tradition of visiting with family and close family friends at a family cabin in Utah.  This year, her family is shocked to learn that the cabin will be sold and new traditions will need to be made.  Mae and her family are heading back to the airport when they have an accident.  Mae wakes up to find that she is on the airplane headed to Utah for Christmas.  Unclear about what has happened, she struggles with the idea that she has gone back in time.  What is she supposed to do and why has this happened?  Wonderful holiday book that I know many will enjoy!
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I liked this one. Not enough to buy it when it comes out. But parts of it were cute and parts of it were whatever. There’s almost no romance in it so if that’s what you’re looking for, look elsewhere.
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This is the feel good romcom that 2020 needs!!!!! This will be the romantic holiday book of the year!   I was looking for an endearing, uplifting romantic comedy, and this book did not disappoint!  Christina Lauren has such a beautiful way of making their characters come to life.  The main character, Mae, is caught in a Groundhog Day type situation, and adorable fiascos ensue!  This is a sweet romance, but there is also a deeper story of living your authentic life.
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Christina Lauren does it again!!!! 
I loved this book soo much. Although it felt a bit weird to read a Christmas romance in June, I was still thoroughly entertained. I lived the huge cast, all the fun holiday activities in the book, the elements of family and friendships and I loved the romance between Mae and Andrew. It was sweet and hot and all kinds of awesome. 
Definitely recommended!
Rating : 4 stars
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First of all, thank you to NetGalley and Gallery Books for allowing me to review In A Holidaze by Christina Lauren!
I was so excited once I found out this amazing duo was coming out with a new book, as after reading the masterpiece that is The Unhoneymooners, I fell in love with their writing and original storyline. 

This book is set around Christmas time (the most wonderful time of the year), and begins by telling the reader how Maelyn Jones has spent all her holidays in her lifetime: in an old cabin with way too many people that she only sees twice a year but loves them to death (one in a particular way). However, soon enough, when she thinks the holidays are over, she gets to relive them for a couple of times until fate thinks she got it right. 

Once I starting reading the first few chapters, I was sure I knew how the story line would end, but I could not be more wrong even if I had tried. Maelyn quickly realizes it is more than just a deja-vu and that life (or whatever) is giving her another chance to actually do what she wants, instead of being a people pleaser. I loved to see how her character had a huge growth over the chapters, and even though it started because of wrong reasons (she thought nobody would remember), at the end, she really did it for herself - she was done being a passenger in her own life. 

I expected the romance (of course!), but I really fell in love with the family dynamic that was felt every time all the other characters interacted with Maelyn. Everyone had a reason to be part of the story line, which is extremely rare in the YA world. All the holiday activities really showed the reader how close this group of people cared about each other, and also serves as an explanation as to why Mae took so long to come clean about her feelings toward one of the other family's son. 

I do not want to spoil it to anyone, so I won't mention the guy's name, but I completely understood how the development of this romantic relationship. I found it extremely realistic how easy but also tricky it is to go from friends to lovers in a matter of days. The sense of familiarity that Mae felt to be with him, at the same time as wondering if things are going too fast too soon. 

Beautifully written! 

I recommend this book and all the other ones written by Christina Lauren.
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In A Holidaze by Christina Lauren is a sweet holiday romance where Maelyn and Andrew, longtime friends, realize their true feelings for each other during their annual respective family trip to a cabin in Park City, UT.

I really enjoyed the cabin setting and the cast of characters in this book. The nicknames for each of the characters were unique and always made me smile. 

Mae and Andrew had a chemistry that was rooted in their lifetime of friendship, and I loved reading how their feelings shifted from friendship to romantic.  

Overall, I am rating this book 4 stars!
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I’m giving sweeter than Hershey kisses, entertaining, heartwarming, feel-good, lovely holiday spirits, refreshing, romantic four absolutely well-deserved stars!

Maelyn Jones has one wish: she wants to see how she can catch her own happiness! 

After the divorce of her parents, she moved back to her childhood house, stuck a job she truly hates and her love life is a mess: she dumps her last boyfriend because he tasted like ketchup (by the way I’m giving a small spoiler about the game in this book: Don’t shoot me!)

Only thing she loves to do spending her Christmas holiday at cabin in Utah belongs to her family friends: Each time she takes her first steps to the cabin, her happy childhood memories come out, wrap her tightly so she never wants them leave her.
Even though her mother married with another man, she is still dedicated to the tradition and spending the holiday with her father and her 17 years old brother as if they’re still happy family. And of course the best thing about the holiday is seeing Andrew: her 13 years longtime crush. She never dares to confess her feelings. 

 But she makes one of her biggest mistake after getting drunk by a couple eggnogs (really?), she hooks up with Andrew’s brother Theo and Andrew sees them in action but he just teases Mae. And the other worst news is Andrew’s family decides to sell their cabin because they cannot afford the additional expanses. So her most meaningful childhood era is closing and Mae gets more depressed to go back to her family house, resume to work in the same place, the very same job suffocates her. She wants changes. She wants a fresh start! She wants to be happy! And BANGGG! They had a car crash!

As soon as she opens her eyes, she starts screaming: checking her wounds and looking at his right to check her brother’s condition who is seated next to her. But she realizes: her brother is fine. Actually both of her family members are fine, healthy, popping their eyes out to give her quizzical looks including hostess who is worried about her mental condition. Yes, I didn’t write it wrong: She is on a plane and she went back to square one: the beginning of the holiday: she is trapped her version of Utah style Groundhog day spiral. She has to live the same holiday experience over and over again till she comes clean and faces her true feelings to find out her own happiness!

My confession: I didn’t enjoy the first %15 of the book. Maybe at the first version: I didn’t like how Andrew teased Mae about her hookup with her brother which made me think their romance may be the lost cause. And I read so many books about the same Groundhog Day spiral so I wished my favorite duo may have found another plotline. But after getting through the first chapters and two deaths of Mae, story completely changes and as soon as her love story starts with Andrew, I truly start to enjoy the story’s progression. It turned into heartfelt, spirited, enjoyable, soft, sweet, lovely holiday story. Especially last third of the book: the way Mae facing the consequences of her mistakes and her bravery to get action for her dreams and her honest talks with the loved ones gave me teary eyes.

  The ending was promising, emotionally charged, satisfying as well. So it started as a two to three starred reading but thankfully story’s changing and hopefully sweet direction made me change my mind. If you want to feel the entire, beautiful, magical holiday spirit, this is the magnificent choice for you! 

Special thanks to NetGalley and Gallery Books for sharing this one of my favorite duo’s remarkable ARC with me in exchange my honest review.
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Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for my ARC in exchange for my honest review. I was so excited when I got it! I loved the Christmas theme and friends to lovers romance. My concern was the time loop. I’m not a fan of those but this was the exception. I ignored that part, because the story was beautiful.  Yes, I absolutely loved this book. The romance was so sweet and the family members were amazing. I was definitely rooting for Mae during her journey of happiness. And the ending was awesome!! Thank you again for my copy!!
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Christina Lauren does it again! While I recommend reading this book during the holiday season (not June), it was an absolute delight. I love their books, and this one was no exception.
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Y'all will need to excuse me for a second, because it's three hours after I finished this book and I'm still sitting in my feels.

Whew, whew, WHEEEEEWWW.

All right, now that I got that out of my system, let's talk about this lil work of art. In a Holidaze no doubt takes some risks. Time travel can be a polarizing backdrop for a lot of people; some folks will fixate on the mechanics of it, while others will get swept up in the suspension of disbelief. I'll understand if it's not readers' cup of tea, because it's a tad lopsided in this book. On the romance side of things, the relationship that Maelyn is chasing is both a classic friends-to-lovers story and a more complex one; people will also no doubt have #THOUGHTS on that.

But I think In a Holidaze does what the duo of Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings do best: The banter is pithy, the love is sweet, and the setting is cozy. It's just a breezy read that's really about Maelyn's growth and who we'd be if we were given multiple chances to get our lives right as much as it is about finding love.

Also, one of the romantic gestures towards the end of the book legitimately made me tear up, so that needs to count for something. I'm still feeling incredibly emo about it.
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Christina Lauren can do no wrong in my book, and their new holiday romance (which I PREDICTED) is the perfect read no matter the time of year. I read this book in May, during a global pandemic, and loved it! It's a little Groundhogs Day, a little Love Actually, with hints of my favorite book by them--Love & Other Words.

We meet Mae Jones (who has more nicknames than anyone I have ever met LOL) as her family's annual holiday vacation with another family is coming to an end. Thing suck. Mae kissed her longtime best friend Theo, and then he was weird about it the next morning. Lisa & Ricky announced they were selling the beloved cabin. And then, on the way to the airport, they are in a car accident and Mae wakes up on a the beginning of the vacation. It's December 20th now, and she's heading back to the cabin, but will she figure out why she's reliving this vacation? And will she make the same mistakes, or different ones? Will she finally reveal her longtime crush on Theo's older brother, Andrew, and will it be reciprocated? Will the cabin still get sold? There's holiday antics, a family unit you'll want to live with forever, and a sweet, blooming romance!

I always feel like Christina Lauren books are EXACTLY what I maybe I should get around to reading the Beautiful series, huh? Or will that make my pent up pandemic life even more frustrating? Anyway, this book was great. It's was fun, low-stakes romance with someone you've known forever--both my favorite trope and one that makes me unable to sleep at night because youknowwhy--and the holiday antics are adorable. This could be a Hallmark Movie in the BEST WAY, ya know? It's got the bits of depth that Christina & Lauren do so well but with the smoldering romance and characters you want to spend even more time with.

In a Holidaze is on sale everywhere October 6, 2020.
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