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Everywhere to Hide

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Gretchen G, Reviewer

I have read and enjoyed many suspense books through the years. But I have to give author Siri Mitchell tremendous props for her brilliant backstory/neurological condition that she gives her main character. Although certain parts of revealed in the book cover, I do not want to say too much and ruin the storyline.

Throughout the book, the main character, Whitney Garrison is vulnerable in unexpected ways. This not only caused me to want to see her to succeed, but this also results in the reader feeling a bit on edge throughout the story. Whitney has had to overcome tough challenges, yet she continues to try to find the truth and to find the answers as to why she is suddenly having strangers following her. I wondered about certain characters' connections, but once what was happening was revealed, there were parts that I did not anticipate.

Whitney grows as a person throughout the book. Originally she had closed herself off due to an unfortunate situation that she was involved with. She does learn how to move on. Faith is an element to the story, but I would not say that it is a driving force. This is almost more of a clean read.

One unexpected bonus for me was the frequent comments made about scholastic testing. Whitney is a tutor, so she is constantly reassuring students that their worth is more than their test score number. I actually have a senior who just took his first ACT test due to delays from the pandemic. These reminders were needed, and I will continue to pass on the words of encouragement to my son to remind him that he is valuable no matter his number.

I highly recommend this book if you enjoy plot twists, strong female protagonists and strong storylines. Thank you to Thomas Nelson and to NetGalley for allowing me to read this book before it was published. All opinions about the book are my own.
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