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Darcy Lowell brother set her up on a blind date with Elle Jones. The date starts off decent, but ends in disaster. Her brother then quizzes her on the date and she convinces him that all went great because she is tired of being set up on these blind dates. She swears him to secrecy, but when Elle sees Darcy's brother the next day, he lets the cat out of the bag. Next thing you know, these two have agreed to be a fake relationships.

There are many things I enjoyed about Written in the Stars. It was well written. Bellefleur either knows a lot about astronomy and astrology or did her research. I often found myself comparing to information she gave up on the zodiac signs. I also love fake romances. This one came together well because she made sure the characters learned a good bit about each other. Also, I liked that they didn't continue to pretend that they didn't like one another. The two mains also have chemistry and the overall story line holds on to that chemistry as they move to pretend this relationship really is fake. There are also some deeper issues here about acceptance and trust on both sides. Bellefleur just does a good job at playing all of the cards out in a sequence that wants you to keep reading. I could go on, but if you like a good fake romance or just a good romance pick up this one. 4.25 stars
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Elle and Darcy are set up on a blind date by Darcy brother Brendon who happens to be Elle business partner. 

They immediately realize they aren’t’ right for each other but when Darcy tells her brother that they are match he thrill and congratulations Elle but Elle is baffled because it was the worst date she been on. When Darcy tells her she just told her brother that to keep him from trying to set her up again she ask Elle to play along and Elle agreed if she goes to her family and pretend they together also. As they fake a relationship they are surprise that real feelings are happening between them but will they take a chance to make a fake relationship real. 

I love this read it remind of some of my favorite hallmark movies. I just wish Hallmark Movies Channel would do same sex couples and interracial couples but maybe one day they will.

I received an ARC copy of this book from the Publisher via Netgalley and voluntarily leaving my review.
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Elle and Darcy are total opposites, set up on a blind first date through Brendon— Elle’s new business partner, and Darcy’s brother. Elle is the whimsical social media influencer responsible for “Oh My Stars,” a wildly popular astrology based twitter account, and is intent on finding true love. Darcy, on the other hand is an actuary who loves all things practical, and does not believe in finding a soulmate. It’s obvious that the two don’t initially hit it off, but when Darcy lies to her brother saying that the date went well, the two are forced to fake a relationship that just might turn into something real.

This book was super cute! Darcy and Elle were such vivid characters, and I loved seeing their personalities clash, and eventually compliment each other, through the course of the book. It was adorable to watch them open up to each other more, despite their differences. The dialogue was one of the best aspects of this book; I feel like Alexandria Bellefleur really got the “trendy/modern” lingo down, without making it feel awkward, forced, or cliche. 

That being said, I wish there had been more of that awesome dialogue. I found that a lot of times, each line of dialogue was interrupted by tons of description, largely about the appearance/movement of the other characters. It definitely made me feel more present, or “in the middle” of the scene, but it was also a little jarring to have the dialogue separated so much. I would get really distracted and have to reread sections frequently. Additionally, it seemed like a lot of points were rehashed over and over (yes, we get it, Darcy thinks falling for Elle would be a bad move, and Elle doesn’t want to mess up her business deal with Brendon, it doesn't need to be said every other line). The story would have been much more enjoyable for me if Darcy and Elle weren’t constantly restating their inner feelings. Some of the language and phrasing was also very repetitive, which got annoying (although I should note that the ARC I received to review is not the final edited copy).

I can’t say if the book truly was a nod to Pride and Prejudice besides the names, as it has been years since I read it, nor Bridgette Jones, as I’m not familiar with that story at all. Regardless of that, I thought the story was good just as itself. It is refreshing to see LGBTQ+ characters who are 1) sure of their sexualities 2) don’t have an identity based solely on their sexuality and 3) do not have to “overcome” some aspect of their sexuality. Don’t get me wrong, books depicting the struggles of being LGBTQ+ and finding one’s identity are important, but it is also nice to see them portrayed with the same sense of normalcy given to heterosexual relationships.

Overall it was a cute story that I enjoyed, there were just some elements of the way it was written that bothered me. If the repetitive language were fixed, it would probably be 3.5 or 4 stars, but for now I have to give it a 3/5.

Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with a free ARC in exchange for an honest review! My review will be posted on Goodreads closer to the publication date.
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A refreshing  twist on pride and prejudice. A story of patience in finding love. It felt a little dragged out in some places but overall was an enjoyable read.
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This book was so CUTE!!!! I don't think I fully realized how sweet and relatable this story was going to be before I started reading, and I fell in love with it. It's a lighthearted gay romance between two dynamic female characters. I loved the dynamic between them: they were fresh approaches to gay women in literature with complex personalities. Their femininity was expressed in different ways without letting them fall prey to stereotypes. This was the perfect romance to celebrate pride month with. Probably more of a 4.5 rating because of some of the predictable plotlines, but this made me too happy to give it less than 5 stars!
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When I first started reading this book, I honestly thought that it would be about a 3 star at most. However, once I reached about 30%, I could not put this book down. The book, loosely based off of Pride and Prejudice as well as Bridget Jones’s Diary, bases its characters more on them than the plot itself, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I imagine if one were to criticize this book, they would say it follows common tropes found for the genre. To me though, that is one of the appeals of the book. This book is just a nice, pleasant read, and it offers an escape for about eight hours.

This book is hilarious and relatable. Before I reached the point of adoring this book, I thought the characters were both funny and like people I know. The fact that astrology led to them having an argument at the beginning made me laugh out loud, even though the more I read, the more I understood why it was such a sensitive topic for Elle. I also really enjoy that while it is a fun, cute book, it still touches on themes many Gen Z and millenials feel as far as the choices we have to make about our careers and lives. I enjoyed that Darcy chose a sensible career because of how she grew up, and Elle chose the career she loved because she was tired of doing what pleased her family and not herself. 

Overall, this book was pleasant, sweet, and a wonderful escape. I will certainly be reading more of Bellefleur’s books in the future, and I recommend everyone read this one as well!
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This was cute. It's not exatcly a p&p retelling, the author uses the p&p dynamic and there's a reference here and there but that's about it. Written in the Stars is its own thing.

If you like romcoms you'll love this one. It has fake dating, grumpy x ray of sunshine trope, blind date disaster, opposites attract... It was very quick to read and I had a good time. I enjoyed their chemistry a lot.

It's about a social media astrologer and an uptight capricorn who have a very bad first date and have absolutely nothing in common finding themselves in the position to pretend to date each other in front of their families.

I liked Darcy the most, she is extremely rational and doesn't deal well with feelings and I liked that Elle made her work through her trust issues and that Elle didn't accept less than she deserved just because she was in love with Darcy
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Elle is half of an up-and-coming astrology team that has just landed a deal with popular dating site OTP. Darcy is a straight-laced actuary with baggage (and the sister of OTP's creator). When the two have the Worst First Date Ever, they both plan on going their separate ways. But when push comes to shove, the two decide to fake date so that Darcy can help Elle increase her standing in her family's eyes and so that Elle can help get Brendon off Darcy's back. But then they fall for each other-- hard and fast. 

I was super excited to see another major publisher putting out a lesbian romance! And I went in with moderate hopes, and those hopes were met until about 1/3 or 1/2 half-way through. And then I got tired of Elle's childlike personality. And then the last third of the story drags. And the barely concealed homage to Pride and Prejudice? No thanks. 

On the steamy to chaste scale, it's a 7. 

- Both Darcy and Elle are lesbians.
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An honest review thanks to NetGalley.  This was amazing!  At the very beginning I was laughing out loud and as the book progressed I fell more in love with the characters and the story line.  This book was outstanding and I can't wait to re read it!
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Ahem. So, I’m guessing, the author who wrote this book. She has to be a Gemini, cause Gemini? - Witty? Ingenious? Or maybe a Pisces, cause Pisces - Empathic? Expressive? Or probably a Capricorn, cause Capricorn - Practical? Organised? For some of these attributes are written into the personas of Elle and Darcy. Some of these are impressed upon the readers with the style of writing. This is some debut. And 

If you feel invisible, are rooting for the underdogs of the world, you have not met the One, or you are the everyone-just-don’t-see me disillusioned damsel waiting for your princess, then you will find the book gratifying. 

Oh, and did I mention the cover works for me? Sweet! Treat yourself to the book!

I just reviewed Written in the Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur. #WrittenintheStars #NetGalley
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This is a truly delightful romance. Darcy and Elle are fabulous and I rooted for them for their first disaster date.
It’s also sexy as hell and nice to see queer women having sex in a romance instead of shying away from it

Love it.
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