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Cover Image: Jew-ish: A Cookbook

Jew-ish: A Cookbook

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I absolutely love the idea for this cookbook. Jake Cohen is someone who never saw himself as super religious but who has found a lot of joy in his culture. He now feels more tied to Judaism because of the dishes he's prepared and the people in his life who he's gathered for Shabbat dinners. This book had absolutely gorgeous photographs and recipes that made my mouth water. They're accompanied by Cohen's fun anecdotes and tips on how to successfully make each dish. My only complaint is that a lot of the recipes sounded difficult (and were made with ingredients I don't typically have at home). I'm just not strong enough of a cook to be able to tackle a lot of the dishes. However, I can think of several people in my family that I would gift this book to so that they could make me some of these delicious and unique Jewish foods.

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