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Sweetie Bogan’s Sorrow

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Peggy T, Reviewer

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Thanks to NetGalley for this early read.
This was an excellent mystery novel; a bit of Boston noir with a little dash of NOLA thrown in as lagniappe. Jazzy yet melancholy. A little bit gritty with a mean streets vibe but not gory. 
This is my first book in this series and it took me a couple of beats to realize that Elder Darrow’s chapters are written in first person. That was a bit different at first but I decided I liked it. 
I found it such an enjoyable read that I kept stopping to make it last longer. I have already ordered an earlier book in this series to catch up with the previous events in the life of Elder Darrow, his friends, and his enemies. 
I cannot recommend it enough for anyone who enjoys a sharp mystery with an interesting ensemble cast of characters.

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