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Cover Image: The Other Side of Forestlands Lake

The Other Side of Forestlands Lake

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Lee Chandler and Willa Dunn spend their summers together as neighbors at a campground of family owned cabins. They’re teenagers and every year, they hang out with the same young people hiking, swimming, and sneaking a few beers. But Willa and Lee are the kind of best friends who know deep down that their relationship is meant for a lifetime. But then tragedy strikes and it’s 25 years before they see each other again. 

Present day, Lee runs a LGBTQ camp for youth on the old grounds and Willa, a well known author of paranormal books, decides to return to her family’s old cabin at the same site. She’s here at Forestlands Lake to find out the truth about what really happened on that long ago night and also desperately wants to know if Lee might still have feelings for her. 

This is indeed a perfect October read. All of it’s here, the ambience of dark woods and campfires crackling, lonely paths, old ghost lore permeating every incident plus a fantastic mix of bizarre acting locals and wispy figures hiding in every shadow. There’s just the right amount of spookies, mystery, and romance. Lee and Willa fire up the pages every time they are in the same space and I appreciate the way these two 40 year old women are very sexy in every possible way. I also liked the bits involving the past teens as well as Lee’s daughter and Willa’s sister. These passages are genuinely engaging and if the author ever decides to do it, I think she could write some excellent YA. 

For the scaredy-cats, this is not too heavy but there’s just enough to have you wondering what was that funny noise you just heard in the attic.

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