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Gray Matters

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Bonnie S, Reviewer

It’s hard to believe this is Ms Arden’s first book. Wonderfully written with great characters.
Giana Falco needed a change, especially after she found out her boyfriend was a cheat. While moving to a new city was exciting she still knew she’d missed her family she couldn’t wait. Working as a forensic scientist with the San Francisco city police was exactly where she wanted to be. For now she’d be living with her best friend Max.
Remy Devereux worked as a homicide detective and at the moment she was single just the way she liked it. After breaking up with her last girlfriend the last thing she wanted was to get involved with the new FS regardless how attractive she was. Especially not straight women.
Now they were working together trying to find a murderer and the more time they spent together the closer they got. Giana had never been attracted to another woman. That was until she met the extremely attractive HD.
In the short bio re the author we find out that this is the first time she had a book published. Smart move on ‘Bella Books’ part because they landed a very talented writer. Great story, great characters. Simply put one of the best I’ve had the pleasure to read.
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